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All-Pure Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks

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This Himalayan salt bricks contains different packs. We crafted it with 100% Himalayan pink rock salt which is obtained directly from the deep beds of the Himalayas range.
These are an economical pack for smaller and extensive construction purposes like building salt saunas, health salt spas, wellness centers, salt rooms for therapy sessions, yoga rooms, salt walls, and others.
These packs provide bulk salt bricks for building customized salt chambers and salt projects at homes, offices, and other workplaces.
Himalayan Salt bricks are commonly used to give a fancy and healthy touch to the surroundings by making salt panels, slabs, separations, entrances, fireplaces, etc.
They have an astonishing ability to purify the air and improving indoor air quality by filtering out harmful substances.
They are recommended to be used by people having asthma and other respiratory conditions as they improve breathing conditions.
The emission of negative ions from pink salt bricks in the air that raises energy levels and refreshes overall mood by boosting an enzyme present in the brain called serotonin.
These salt bricks give a euphoric amber glow if the lights are installed at the back of the bricks.
The warm amber glow creates a serene ambiance which gives rejuvenation feels usually achieved from spending time in nature.
Himalayan Salt Bricks help the body to relax in a friendly environment after a long tiring day.
They require minimal care and are extremely resilient.
Each Himalayan salt brick is 8 inches in length, 4 inches in width, and 2 inches in height.
This weighs 5.5 pounds.

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