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"Sex is not just sex,
May 2
sex is more of soul ties. When you sleep with different guys or ladies, you tie your soul with theirs , their souls may come in different forms of darkness. Some of souls could possibly destroy you or delay your Blessings.
Sometimes we act so strange , so weird , because of body is full of different darkness of souls.As you go chasing for girls lusting after girls , sleeping with different girls lusting after guys , keep this on your mind , sex is not just sex , but a soul ties.
Having sex with different bodies means your body has different Shadows consist of different souls, you are not you, but different people in you.
Now think of this, your partner is faithful to you, but you go sleeping around and come back sleep with your partner( him/ her), that means you transferring all shadows to your faithful partner , Don't you think you are heartless? , careless or selfish by doing that??
Let's think before we do things . No amount of condom can protect your soul . just pick one
partner and make him/ her your King/ Queen, have self control and do what is right for you. you won't go early to grave.
Only mature people will understand what am saying!!