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(if you are a savvy entertainment enthusiastic it's impossible to have heard of K DRAMAS)

Well, why don’t you attempt answering your curiosity by way of observing some of the first-class K-dramas of all time? To assist you do that, here’s a listing of the satisfactory K-dramas from every style that can turn you from a K-drama beginner to a K-drama excellent fan. And I guarantee you, after gazing a few of these, you will realise how lots you have been lacking out on.


These suggests are positive to hold you hooked with their dynamic storylines, ideal combo of range of elements, creative cinematography, tuneful OSTs, and high-quality performances that bring these dramas to life.


Mind you, it used to be extraordinarily challenging to choose solely a handful of K-dramas. This is not an exhaustive list, however a short one that can get you started on Korean entertainment. Also, I fairly suggest you to watch these dramas in their unique language (with subtitles in your preferred language) to no longer leave out out on the nuances that provide the real feel of the series.




SKY Castle (2018)


Cast: Yum Jung-ah, Lee Tae-ran, Yoon Se-ah, Oh Na-ra, Kim Seo-hyung


Streaming platforms: Netflix, Viki


From elevating their young people to be top performers to making sure their husbands remain unique barons, the official moms of SKY Castle have a lot on their plate.


SKY Castle is a luxurious regional coveted by many however occupied with the aid of a few influential high-flyers. The occupants are status-obsessed elites who see their children as trophies who will shine in society and uphold their family status by using getting into the top universities. And as every household pulls all the strings it can to keep its excessive social position, the drama suggests the extremes upper-class mother and father can go to, even if it comes at the price of destroying others’ lives.


What to expect: SKY Castle is a masterpiece satire with a complicated plot and a deft stability of mystery and comedy.


The exhibit tackles many general and sensitive issues like educational stress, intellectual health, parents’ sky-high expectations, status-obsessed elites and their tactics, and more. But to counterbalance the seriousness, the drama additionally includes enormous humor.




Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022)


Cast: Park Eun-bin, Kang Tae-oh, Kang Ki-young


Streaming platform: Netflix


If you favored Freddie Highmore in The Good Doctor, you will like Park Eun-bin in Extraordinary Attorney Woo too.


One of the most talked-about dramas of 2022, Extraordinary Attorney Woo follows the story of a genius autistic lawyer, Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin). Be it legal guidelines or minute important points of every day life, her photographic memory expands beyond that of an average human mind’s capacity. And her high IQ effects in great and remarkable problem-solving abilities that beat even the most celebrated lawyers/prosecutors in the courtroom, notwithstanding her being a rookie.


But her ingenuity comes up towards her struggles with interpersonal relationships, which seeps into her love and professional life.


What to expect: Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a fantastically crafted criminal drama focused on the portrayal of autism and the challenges in the life of an autistic person.


What’s in it for legal drama lovers? From piling cases to fierce courtroom fights, Extraordinary Attorney Woo has it all. With a focused approach to laws and legalities, and Woo obsessing over her love of law, you will walk away learning a component or two about Korean law.


Moreover, to keep matters lighthearted, the exhibit includes chucklesome scenes and candy innocent romance between the leads that will make your coronary heart flutter.


Juvenile Justice (2022)


Cast: Kim Hye-soo, Kim Mu-yeol, Lee Sung-min, Lee Jung-eun


Streaming platform: Netflix


Juvenile Justice is the story of Shim Eun-seok (Kim Hye-soo), an elite juvenile judge, who holds the adamant faith that younger offenders’ punishment should befit the crimes they commit in order to instill worry (of law) and awareness of the consequences that come with the damage they cause. Her frustration stems from her function that the lenient regulation — which emphasizes rehabilitation of juvenile offenders rather than incarceration — is a ability of break out even when they commit heinous crimes.


And as the tough decide tackles complex juvenile crime cases, she faces opposition to her unyielding merciless stance, along with the challenge of balancing her detestation of young offenders whilst retaining the beliefs of rehabilitation-focused juvenile justice and punishment


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