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(with the festive season approaching moreno looks at the most memorable Christmas horror movies.)

When the vacation trips roll around, regular folks accumulate around the tv to watch classics like A Christmas Story or Elf with the entire family. Others throw on some ill and twisted horror videos to deliver in seasonal joy. Let’s rejoice Christmas by searching at some of the most memorable horror-filled holiday movies.


We will talk about ten of the great Christmas horror movies, with the alternatives ranging from twisted French Extremities to movies for the entire family. Let us know which of these preferences you enjoy, and provide up your favorites. You can discover these films on Netflix, Disney , Peacock, HBO Max, and beyond.


Honorable Mentions:

Silent Night (2012)

Jack Frost

Dead End


The Nightmare Before Christmas


Introducing younger viewers to spooky movies is imperative to building a life-long horror fan. Just as essential as a Christmas movie, a good kid’s horror movie can form someone’s existence forever. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of those near-perfect examples of introducing the macabre to young viewers whilst also keeping things festive.



For these unfamiliar, the story follows Jack Skellington, the King of Halloween Town, who grows bored of his title and seeks some thing new. His new addiction is Christmas, which he takes over and provides a dark edge. Many will cite this as their introduction to Christmas movies, horror films, and stop-motion filmmaking, which helps remind each of the importance of this Disney classic.


Nightmare Before Christmas is a staple for many every year, alongside with masses of other family films. Pop this in and discover one of the greater pleasant darker facets of the holidays.


The Lodge


Calling back to the Giallo classics of the 70s, The Lodge is an atmospheric and moody movie that used to be hugely neglected in 2019. One of the most unsettling films included; you can’t go incorrect when you choose some thing extra morose in your horror. 


Led by means of Riley Keough and Jaeden Martell, we see one of the most twisted family journeys for the holidays. A stepmother becomes stranded at their rural resort all through Christmas, unleashing some dark secrets. The film is well-acted and sleekly made, making the film feel a bit more polished than different projects. You can tell there was once an attempt to make a serious horror film, which paid off.



If you’re in the mood for some thing more severe in your seasonal horror, turn to this modern exercising in excursion dread. I hope you’re equipped for a tough and unhappy night round your Christmas tree.


Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale


Rare Exports is a 2010 Finnish action horror film, which feels like a a long way too easy way to describe it. There’s a beautiful fable element, some horrifying scenes, and a best Christmas vibe. When Roger Ebert himself calls a movie “an R-rated Santa Claus origin story crossed with The Thing,” you know you’re in for a treat.



If you’ve seen it all when it comes to Santa Claus and Christmas horror, brace yourself for such a great surprise. Capturing the holiday time of 12 months is complex, and underrated filmmaker Jalmari Helander does so in such a fresh way. We observe the young Pietari as he tries to give up the emergence of Joulupukki, a Finnish version of Santa. We get isolated, frosty horror that does remind you of The Thing by the end.


Craving a holiday deal with that’s a bit different? Check out Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale and get prepared to see a entire different tradition craft some of the most memorable seasonal scares.


Silent Night, Deadly Night


With the release of Halloween in 1978, the film enterprise went into overdrive, trying to bounce on the hype. We’ll 

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