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(as the marvel cinematic universe adds new characters in the fourth and beyond there are few powerful hereos left untold )

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has endured to increase the Multiverse Saga as Phase four winds down to a close with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. Between Disney collection like WandaVision and Loki, plus all the new movies in Phase Four, the MCU has added masses of characters on account that the Infinity Saga ended.


Namor and the new heroes from the Eternals are just a few examples of effective characters from the Marvel Comics universe, however, there are quite a few heroes and villains who have yet to make their cinematic debuts.


Updated on November 24, 2022 by using Mayra García: Now that Phase Four is about to end, the MCU has added new characters that followers have wanted to see for a while, like Namor and Hercules. However, there are nonetheless a lot of powerful beings missing from this universe. We updated this listing with more characters that want to make an appearance in the MCU soon.


23/23 Captain Britain Is A Magic Hero Tasked With Protecting The Multiverse

Captain Britain protecting the Union Jack ready to fight

Brian Braddock used to be offered a effective artifact known as the Amulet of Right, which converted him into Captain Britain. His power and speed were magically enhanced, and he committed himself to defending his country. However, he used to be also charged with defending his specific Earth in the larger omniverse of worlds as a member of the Captain Britain Corps.


With the MCU's new focus on the multiverse and the a variety of different worlds of Marvel heroes that exist, it's the best time for Captain Britain to make his big-screen debut. He's explored the multiverse for years, labored alongside groups like Excalibur and the Secret Avengers, and served his country as an agent of M13. All these arcs could be explored in the movies.


22/23 Ghost Rider Is A Supernatural Spirit Of Vengeance With Several Deadly Abilities

Johnny Blaze as Ghost Rider amidst flames

There have been a few exceptional characters who've been transformed into the fiery spirit of vengeance Ghost Rider over the years. Johnny Blaze used to be a daredevil who made a corrupt deal with the satan to shop his father's life. He grew to be Ghost Rider and rode his fiery motorbike to skip judgment on sinners and criminals.


Ghost Rider has countless deadly abilities, which include the command of hellfire and a devastating penance stare that should break criminals with their own evil deeds. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. brought a live-action adaptation of the Robbie Reyes model of the character, however the series' location in the MCU canon has been denied ever since.


21/23 Hyperion Is The Incredibly Powerful Leader Of The Multiversal Squadron Supreme

Hyperion from Marvel Comics

The Squadron Supreme was once a team of heroes from an alternate truth who subsequently determined themselves stranded in Earth-616, which would make the crew ideal for the MCU's focal point on the multiverse. A effective hero named Hyperion led the Squadron Supreme, and but some other alternate model of the persona additionally joined the Avengers after he escaped his destroyed reality.



Hyperion is one of Marvel's Superman-like characters boasting many effective capabilities which make him a risky threat. The model of Hyperion who joined the Avengers used to be a multiversal Eternal. He ought to fly at outstanding velocity and had greater super-strength as nicely as a devastating atomic imaginative and prescient that fired blasts of electricity from his eyes.


20/23 Magneto's Mutant Mastery Of Magnetism Would Threaten The MCU

Magneto flinging steel shards in battle

The MCU has yet to formally introduce mutants into its mainstream reality, but Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness delivered an alternate-reality version of Professor Xavier as a member of the Illuminati. This makes it even greater possibly that mutants like the X-Men and Magneto may want to be delivered shortly.



Magneto would introduce a powerful new chance to the MCU if he was once in full villain mode, particularly thanks to his ego. His potential to manipulate metallic the usage of the planet's magnetic field would make him a powerful enemy to any current MCU hero, as properly as the X-Men who wouldn't be far behind him.


19/23 Wonder Man's 

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