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(even if walking dead finale was neglected here are some characters people care about)

The following contains most important spoilers for The Walking Dead, Season 11, Episode 24, "Rest In Peace," which debuted Sunday, Nov. 20 on AMC.


While The Walking Dead universe is some distance from over, the flagship series has ultimately come to an end. In "Rest in Peace," Daryl and employer wrapped up their biggest hostilities to date: a long-term fight with Pamela Milton and the Commonwealth. All in all, the episode used to be a well-written, fitting conclusion to one of the best collection of the previous decade.


Through its 11-season run, The Walking Dead had its ups and downs. Plot wise, there were precise decisions, and some horrible decisions, like killing off Carl Grimes and prolonging Negan's Savior War in Season 8 The aspect is, "Rest in Peace" was a microcosm of TWD in a lot of ways. The finale wrapped up a lot of first-rate storylines, however there were sincerely a few errors -- the most extremely good one used to be the lack of shared screentime for Carol and Daryl.


TWD Finale's Heartfelt Carol And Daryl Scene



After all the Commonwealth drama, letting Pamela stay and blowing up the hoard of variant walkers, TWD jumped ahead one year. Everything used to be as it have to have been. Ezekiel used to be governor of the restored Commonwealth, and human beings were glad with the communities that have been thriving. That is, until Maggie wanted to discover and find out what else was out there. That set up the upcoming TWD spinoffs, as Maggie and Negan will end up in New York, whilst Daryl will wind up in France.


The finale did not show some thing about Maggie and Negan together, however it did exhibit Daryl leaving. Before that though, he had to say a heartfelt goodbye to Carol. Sitting in the front of a lake, Daryl said that he was proud of her for so many things. Despite Daryl pronouncing that they would see each other again, Carol was nevertheless unhappy to see him go. Even in actual life, Melissa McBride (who performs Carol) had bother with the scene. She these days advised Entertainment Weekly:


"Filming that scene via the lake with Norman was once the most challenging scene on this exhibit that I've ever had to get myself through. It was once an absolute mixed bag of Carol and Melissa. I knew going in that it was once going to be difficult... those phrases on the page, the first of our ultimate two scenes together, the impending finality was feeling very real."


TWD Fans Deserved More Of Carol And Daryl

The Walking Dead Daryl and Carol Prison

While the goodbye between Carol and Daryl used to be sweet, it solely highlighted how little time the two of them had spent collectively recently. In Season 10, there had been talks of simply the two of them taking a road day trip to New Mexico, and there were also instances when they wouldn't talk to every other. Between Henry's loss of life and almost dropping Connie, each Carol and Daryl reached their respective lows and wished to reconcile with each other for their man or woman mistakes.


In Season 11, however, the two solely grew apart. Carol spent most of her time wheedling her way into Hornsby's exact graces, while Daryl's story was about turning into a Commonwealth soldier and acting as a surrogate father for Judith. Because of that, it felt like Carol and Daryl's relationship was once left on the lower back burner. Maybe their lack of shared display time used to be intentional given the unique plans to have Carol be a phase of Daryl Dixon. But with Melissa McBride no longer section of the spinoff, it ended up feeling like a disservice to fans.


As the solely authentic characters left on TWD, Daryl and Carol should have been more of a focus in the finale -- if nothing else, to rectify their lack of interaction in Season eleven Yet, that didn't happen. Fans were left with the small tease from "What's Been Lost" to remember what a incredible group they made. So, hopefully, Carol and Daryl will be able to reunite in the future and supply followers extra of what they deserved.


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