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(are some of the most top movies with most interesting vilians you have never seen)

10/10 Freddy Krueger Is The Face Of Horror

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The incredibly successful Nightmare on Elm Street franchise started in 1984. The first film accompanied a team of young adults as their nightmares grew to be fatal. As they have been stalked by means of a shadowy parent with bladed fingers, the teens and audiences were added to the evil Freddy Krueger.


As the franchise went on, Freddy's backstory and lore were explored. The Nightmare on Elm Street videos even went so far as to supply him an almost biblical-themed story. Over time, Freddy has end up one of the most iconic horror villains and is regularly in conversation with different iconic slasher killers, like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. Since the Nightmare on Elm Street videos have concluded, Freddy has made many appearances and been parodied.


9/10 Frank Hummel Featured A Deeply Sympathetic Villain

The Rock

Francis Hummel making his needs to the US government in The Rock movie

The Rock revolved round a crew of marines who took humans hostage on the island prison, Alcatraz. Led by way of General Frank Hummel, their goal used to be to pressure the government into compensating the families of forgotten soldiers.


Throughout The Rock, Hummel proved to absolutely care about and agree with in his goals, even gaining some redemption toward the end. However, his excessive techniques and the selection to put some turncoat marines in charge of chemical weapons go away no doubt that Hummel was once a villain. Still, the embellished marine had an interesting backstory and comprehensible motivations.


8/10 Mr. Glass Is Incredibly Intelligent


Kevin, Mr. Glass, and David reunite in Glass

Glass served as the final entry in M. Night Shyamalan's cherished Eastrail 177 trilogy, which noticed David Dunn, Mr. Glass, and Kevin Wendell Crumb all meet. In Unbreakable, the comedian book-obsessed Mr. Glass tried to persuade David Dunn that he was once a superhero after he survived a instruct crash unscathed.


In Glass, Dunn, Glass, and Kevin Wendell Crumb have been all placed in a mental fitness medical institution where a physician sought to persuade them that they had mental health conditions. Glass used to be a charming villain because of his wonderful intellect. He proved this talent when he, undeterred by the doctor's efforts, set up an escape and planned the closing battle.


7/10 Vincent Was An Accomplished Assassin


Tom Cruise in 2004's Collateral pointing a gun


In Collateral, a hitman on business in Los Angeles took a cab driver prisoner, forcing the taxi man to act as his non-public driver between jobs. The assassin, Vincent, used to be an fairly deep character. He used to be pragmatic and calm to make certain that his mission would stay covert.


Despite being the villain of Collateral, Vincent gave the taxi driver some meaningful advice and tried to form his hostage into a higher man. Viewers were saved on edge by means of Tom Cruise's portrayal of the assassin, deeply engrossed in seeing what the night used to be building to and whether or not Vincent would flip on Max.


6/10 The Ruthless Hans Landa Is An Iconic Villain

Inglourious Basterds

Colonel Hans Landa makes an offer in Inglourious Basterds


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