The price of the rights to a passenger car of category B.

The price of the rights to a passenger car of category B.

The price of the rights to a passenger car of category B.
Are you already a confident driver with experience, or are you just planning to take traffic exams and dream of becoming a full-fledged road user?
Here is a tip and recommendation for you on how to save money when opening various categories in a driver's license.
In order to get a license of any category, you need to study at a driving school, pass a theoretical and practical exam on traffic regulations.
Did you know that the price of the rights to a passenger car on the On-prava website is quite small / А вы знали что цена прав на легковой авто на сайте On-prava совсем небольшая
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that there is no opportunity to study theory and get practical skills externally (without driving school) at the moment!
For each category A, B, C, D, the practical exam will have to be taken separately, because each type of auto and moto transport requires unique skills.
But if you decide in advance which categories you need to open, you can save time and effort on preparing for theoretical exams according to the rules of the road, because exam tickets are almost identical for the AB and CD categories, respectively.
A live hack for passing the SDA exam and opening several categories!
Take practical training in a driving school for 2 categories at once and only after that plan to take exams in the traffic police to take theory once, because the exam result is valid for 6 months, during this time you will have time to pass practical exams in the traffic police for both categories.
If you have already received the rights of category A and B, then it will be much easier for you to prepare for obtaining the rights of category and D, because traffic tickets differ very slightly, you have already studied the main traffic signs, and you need to remember the features of heavy-duty cars only.
Hence the conclusion. Open several categories at once, this will allow you to save time and save money.

цена прав на легковой авто


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