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Top 10 Banned Songs In Africa With Diamond And Sauti Sol Included

African musicians in the last few years have been working hard to see their Music hit major milestones in the world like other artists from Western countries

This have led to them adopting all manner of lifestyles and several genres as they try to match likes of Chris brown and Card B.


They also went as far as requesting collabos from some of those artists in a bid to get a breakthrough 'Majuu'.


Amidst those efforts they adopted some things which in Africa are considered taboo and thus seen some songs banned from playing in media platforms.




1. Nishike -- Sauti Sol


Sauti Sol is one of most hardworking music group based in Kenya.


They've been in music scenes for over 10 years now and got a breakthrough in Africa and continent winning and competing in some prestigious Awards across the globe.


However, they have seen two of their song Melanin and Nishike land them in trouble with music boards.



Nishike(Touch me) was completely banned from playing in media after its release in 2014 ago over nudity in the video vixens and Artists.


2. Hallelujah -- Diamond Platinumz ft Morgan Heritage




Diamond Platinumz needs no introduction when his name is announced in Africa as he's one of most hard-working and richest in East Africa.




In 2017 he collaborated with one of world Celebrated group Morgan Heritage to release a song dubbed Hallelujah.


However the song was dubbed because of vulgar language used in the song while the title is ironically Gospel oriented.


3. Zigo -- Diamond Platinumz


Diamond was first in trouble before Hallelujah song when he released one of most performing collabos of the time featuring fellow Tanzanian artist and Rapper AY dubbed Zigo in 2016.


Many fans remembers the song for the verse ' Nakula Kwa Macho' which translate ' Eyes eating' meaning drooling over a lady.


The images of the song were touted to be so raunchy leading to it eventually been banned by BASATA.


4. Fans Mi -- Davido



Davido, one of most top artists in Nigeria found himself in trouble when he released a song dubbed Fans Mi which had alot of drugs content in the images.


It was later banned on the claims on promoting drug trafficking which is illegal in the country and most psrts of the world.

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