How movies contribute to our emotional well-being

This artice addresses the positive impact of movies on our emotions

Movies affect many of us powerfully in many different ways due to the combination of many different aspects like sound, images, special effects and even the music. These various aspects can elicit deep emotions or feelings. Cortisol, the stress hormone is released when watching something with a lot of suspense followed by dopamine which induces feelings of pleasure.

Apart from leisure, watching movies can be a way to take care of our mental health. This can be seen as movies help us escape our lives or rather escape reality for a short time and as a result promote healing and growth. This has even been described as cinema therapy of which there are many documented benefits.

Movies can change the way we think, feel, change people’s perspectives on various real life situations and ultimately deal with ups and downs of life, and this makes watching them invaluable. Movies can also bring people together for example simple moments like having a movie night with family or friends could leave a mark and spark a connection between people that initially was not there.

Movies and films can also shape the way we are making sense of the world we are living in right now regardless of the period they’re set in. They connect deeply to something that’s happening in the current world for example how in present day diverse stories have to be told by a diverse group of writers and other people involved in production while in the past there was no racial or gender equality. People feel more at ease seeing actors or people involved in film making who are from their various communities.

In conclusion, movies give us ideas and inspiration and teach us life lessons and are a perfect way to affect social behavior in a positive way since they are reflective of the society we live in.

Nigel Nigel

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