Bl series and movies have become comfort and happiness of many. It is there to support the Rainbow FAMILIY-LGBTQ fam

If one has never watched the bl (boyslove)  series, tharntype the series is always considered an advice to start with . It is a thai seriesThe series has many characters buh the main characters are Tharn and Type

In beginning  of the Series:season 1 ,they encounter each other as roomates in the university.Tharn is openely gay while type hate gays and he doesn't like being close to them.This is because he was harassed by a gay when he was young and his enermity to the sexuality began.  He learns of Tharn sexuality from his friend and he is so furious 

Later on they fall in love with each other and the chemistry between them is really great in season one the have a happy ending despite facing many difficulties and hardship in their love  story, where they finish their university and graduates.

Season 2 deals more on their working life and marriage.Tharn produces music while type works in a company.Type has never told anyone than he has a boyfriend. He has a superviser who is always hard on him becaused he refused to be with him.He is always given extra work making him leave thr office late at night

When type's supervisor learns that he has a boyfriend he tries to embarrass type and also tries to get him fired but he does not succed. Tharn and type get married at the last special episode of season 2

The real names for the actors are



Martha Davy

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