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How to make money online using your smartphone

In this article am going to tell you on how to make money online. Am going to introduce to a platform called PATAQASH. So guys hope you will learn.

How to Make Money Using Pataqash




So you must be wondering. How does Pataqash work? How do you make money online using PataQash?


Okay, to earn money online using Pataqash, there are five profitable methods. That is, through affiliate marketing, by getting paid to watch YouTube videos, Lucky spinning wheels, Paid adverts, and extra agent bonuses.


Now let’s dive deeper into how you can earn with Pataqash using the named methods.

1. Earning Via Affiliate Marketing

When a person uses your link to join the PataQash Platform you earn a commission of Ksh 250 for a direct referral.


That’s not all, Pataqash also pays you when your referrals bring in their friends to join Pataqash up to level 3. You earn a commission of Ksh 100 when your downline refers their friends to join PataQash and Ksh 50 when the referred friends refer their friends too.


In short, if you refer Jane to Pataqash. You’ll earn a commission of Ksh 250. When Jane refers Mike to signup for Pataqash you also make a commission of Ksh 100. And finally, when Mike refers Lucy to PataQash you also make a commission but this time Ksh 50.That’s a great compensation plan. Considering that Pataqash has a cheaper account upgrade fee to get started with than most online businesses.

2. Getting Paid to Watch YouTube Videos

As a Pataqash user, you get paid for watching videos. This is available from their dashboard and the amount you earn will vary significantly.


3. Luck Spinning Win Wheel

As a Pataqash user, you get access to two spinning wheel types.


Free Spin – as a new member, when you join Pataqash and have paid your activation fee you get access to free spin where you have a chance to earn up to Ksh 1000.

Betting Spins – As an active Pataqash user, you have an opportunity to take a spin and earn money. This is by staking a minimum of Ksh 50 and have a chance to win up to Ksh 3000

4. Paid Adverts

As I had said earlier, Pataqash Technologies is owned by their parent company Ceenet Technologies. In partnership with Ceenet Technologies, PataQash users are eligible for earning 10% for marketing products owned by Ceent Technologies across their social media channel.


5. Best Agents Bonuses

After every week, particularly on Sundays, the top 5 earning Pataqash agents would always be rewarded for their hard work. These agents will be awarded a bonus of 800, for a top-earning agent. 600 for the second, 400 for the third, 200 for the fourth and 100 for the fifth.


Now, I’ve done my part showing you all you need to know about Pataqash. It’s your turn either to decide to join this amazing platform and get a side income.


Now, what’s keeping you from joining Pataqash? Please drop your views down in the comments section.

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