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Who are the people that we consider to be our friends?

We all learn to make new friends in every stage of our lives. Making friends is an act I think can never stop in the universe.


The word FRIEND is used to describe a companion, an adviser, intimate and someone that is trusted. A friend is a person who has a strong liking for another person.

"Show me your friend, and I'll tell you who you are" this is a common saying that describe friends.


Who do you call your friend? What type of people do you keep around you? What type of people do you relate with as friends? The answers to this questions can determine the kind of person you are.
If you desire a good future, you must make friends with people who have the same ambition with you.


There are examples of people who had relation as friends in the Bible.

Let's examine the friendship of David and Jonathan. David and Jonathan were friends, and it was recorded in the Bible that they truly loved each other, even to the point of death. Jonathan gave David his heart, even when he was fully aware that David will be the next king in Israel; Jonathan was the one entitled to the throne, but he accepted the will of God for his friend even when it was not convenient. Jonathan also helped David to escape from his father King Saul, who was trying to kill David. The friendship of Jonathan and David is one of the most amazing friendship ever recorded in the Bible.


Another example of people who were friends in the Bible is Amnon and Jonadab (2 Samuel 13)

Amnon, the oldest son of King David fell in love with his stepsister, Tamar. He asked his friend Jonadab for advice, and his friend advised him wrongly. The Bible recorded how the wrong advice caused the destruction of Amnon.

You must to be mindful of the kind of people you keep as friends. You must share the same ambition with those you call your friends.

My Mentor once said this "a friend to a prostitute is a step away from being a prostitute". Your friends can determine your future. Your friends speaks a lot about who you are. You must walk with people who have the same mind as you.


Abraham did not hear God speak until he separated from Lot. Your friends can affect you spiritually, mentally, academically and in all aspect of your life.

If you become friend with someone who say filthy words, consciously or unconsciously you will find yourself saying filthy words.


You must be mindful of the kind of friends you make, because your friends can mar you or make you.

Everlyne Onami

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