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Get Local: Top Tips for Optimizing your Google My Business Listing


Fact: Google is home to around 90% of the global market share of organic search engines. 46 percent of all Google search results are for information about local businesses.

With a statistic like that, it begs the question Do you optimize your Google My Business or Local Search efforts to ensure that you are in front of the people looking for the products or services you offer?

Google is the Kingof the Internet, and you're missing out on huge publicity and traffic if don't use their tools.

These are the steps to take to ensure you have getguestpost Google My Business and your local search puts your business on Google Maps.

  1. Optimize Your Listing and Ensure That Your Listing Data is Accurate


It's as simple as that: businesses that have the most precise and complete information are more likely be found in a search.

Your Google My Business listing should be precise in describing what your company does, where it is situated, the hours it's open, and how customers can book the time, make a reservation, or Get Guest Post purchase the products or services you provide.

This is not something you can put in place to forget. Google recognizes those who continuously make changes to their listings, so you should aim to keep your listing accurate.

In the age of COVID-19 GMB gives even more flexibility around the hours and times of service for potential customers.

Pro Tip: Google allows you to define hours for holidays as well as other Website special events. COVID-19 offers you more freedom in your messaging. These features can be used to benefit you.

  1. Include the Keywords you want to target in the Information


Google uses many signals to display search results. It is vital to include important search terms and keywords in your google listing to ensure local intent search results. This will allow you to connect with the right audience in the best time.

Include your keywords within the business descriptions and each when you write a blog post to your audience.

Find out how your customers are or aren't finding your company. To discover the position you're in, sign up for your free local SEO audit.

  1. Create Geo-tagged and engaging images to your Listing


You'll be surprised by the results. including photos to your GMB listing frequently enhances the listing's performance better than you'd imagine.

According to Google, Google My Business listings that have photos receive 42 percent more requests for driving directions via Google Maps, and 35 percent more visitors their website than listings without photos.

It is also possible to increase the impact of listing photos by geotagging images. Geotagging images notify Google about your location, and also transmits positive signals to Google that the image is legitimate within your area.

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