Murder is taking someone's life. It is illegal act wich had not been supported by law. When you kill someone it changes everything because terminating someone's life comes with a great frustration in your conscious therefore leads to a great torment in your spirit.

Murder was not created by God. Because everything God's create, He created them to have life. Human beings were created to procreate life not to terminate life. Murder found its way to be in existence due to anger and jealousy humans began to experience. So God did not create murder. It was the work of humanity because feelings can be controlled and anger and jealousy being one if the feelings they can me manipulate but we hesitated and as a result murder came to existence.

There were two brothers named Cain and Abel. They were the descendants of Adam and eve. God gave them the spirit of hard work and everyone was good in their field of work. Cain being the first born was a farmer and his brother Abel was a shepherd. It came a time when God wanted the two brothers to offer sacrifices to Him. They prepared themselves with their belongings and started the preparations to offer God a sacrifice. It was a privilege the two brothers were to endure because now God needed a return of their hardwork.

Abel with the heart of generosity, he saw that everything he had acquire was not of his strength but of God's therefore he offered fattest of his sheep to God. God was pleased with the heart Abel was and accepted the sacrifice Abel has offered to him. Cain on the other hand thought that all that he had acquired was by his own might and therefore he only offered a bunch of grass to God and some seeds. God was nit please with the heart Cain was having and rejected his sacrifice.

Cain got jealous and angry towards his brother because of rejection God has given him. He tricked his brother Abel to walk with him at a far distance away from home and when they reached a point no one could see them. Cain beat up his brother for no reason and there his brother Abel died. The origin of murder came to existence through the heart that Cain was having. The only medicine  is love and humility.

James Odago

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