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?A nanny for Mia ?


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful ✍️


©️ Spark's libary ?


❣️ Episode 30❣️


" Stephanie north "


☕ Alexander's pov ☕


What Emma did was just way too funny,each time I think of it, I end up laughing my ass out. She refused to come downstairs this morning, guess she's shy about what I said. I almost lost control seeing her like that. I thank my lucky stars I didn't try anything sexual or she'd have killed me.


" Good afternoon daddy fluffs.. you didn't go to office ? Mia asked smiling at me while in her cute school uniform. 


" No baby I'm working from home today, because uncle Anthony is coming over " I said and she smiled brightly" really daddy fluffs , is he coming with Jake and Jerald ? She asked exited about seeing her cousins, before I could say anything Emma came downstairs and her eyes widened when she saw me with Mia. She quickly turned back and I chuckled this girl won't succeed in killing me.


" Emerson " I called buh she refused to turned to me. " Nanny Emma, daddy fluffs is calling you" Mia said and she turned buh avoided eye contact she's such a shy baby when I didn't even kiss her seriously. 


" Good afternoon sir, c'mon baby" she said and Mia shook her head. " Daddy fluffs see " Mia said and gave me a pink envelope. I looked inside and found out it's an invitation from her school, for their award day ceremony. I've never attended any before, I always send mom or Lia sometimes vida cause I'm busy.  


Worse of all it always clahes with a date I can't reschedule my meetings. I glanced at Mia who looked at me curiously. I'll hurt her a lot if I say I can't make it. ' will you come daddy ? Mia asked." Don't worry baby , daddy fluffs is gonna attend, now c'mon you have to change your uniform" Emma said and took her upstairs. I have to create time or Mia will really get mad this time around.



? Emma's POV ?


" Nanny Emma are you still mad at me ? Mia asked but I ignored her and just continue putting her books in her backpack. " Nanny please ...Loli and Lola sent me" she said and I stopped what I was doing and turned. So those two added Mia in their craziness to ship the boss and I together. This is insane , " I'll be right back sweetie" I said and left for the kitchen.





" Girl calm down we where just having fun " Loli said. " You know how I feel about him and you do that ? I said and they smiled apologiticly. " Babe we didn't know the guy was half naked besides stop panicking he wasn't naked with the dick and all was he ? She said and I blushed in embarrassment." Emma you're so funny you know that, I think you'll only stop shying away when you guys finally do the deed " Lola teased .


" What deed ? We heard his voice and froze . " Good afternoon sir" they both greeted as he walked in. I've never seen him in the kitchen before, what is he doing here ? " Sir it's a girls talk " Loli said and he raised his eyebrows suspicious. You should see the priceless looks on both their faces, I couldn't help but chuckle. 



❣️Nora 's POV ❣️


" That's the correct answer Nora, you finally got it right " Wes said and I smiled. " Thanks" I said blushing." Hopefully you'll do a good job during the exams" he said and I couldn't stop staring at him. " Hey captain let's get going" one of his team mates said and threw him a basketball. " Bye Nora I gotta, we've got basketball practice" he said and picked his backpack before joining his friends. It hurts that no matter what I do , he sees me like his student and nothing more. 



? Vida's pov ?


" Wait wait wait.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaah" ivy screamed excitedly . " So you mean my ship finally sailed ? She asked squiling and I burst out laughing. " Ivy your making a scene" I said trying to calm her down. " Oh with pleasure I told you what you guys needed was to talk things out,see how things turned out ? She asked chukiling and I smiled at her. I hope our relationship doesn't hit the rock . There is a part of me,still very scared of getting hurt, buh what is life without risks ?



?Vera 's POV ?


" Mom are you sure about this ? I asked my mother inlaw as she set her hat and shades. She was dressed in a white sun dress which had pink patterns and black sandals, she looked extremely beautiful. " Oh I'm very sure Vera ,what Xander needs is a little push and I need to do something about it , Emma looks way too innocent and I dress sense makes her look like a kid , even teenagers this day dress more attractive, tell me how Alex will see her like a woman ? When she's childish untop of it ? She asked. " Wait so you wanna give her a make over ? Mom ? I asked. 


" Of cause an change her wardrobe, have you seen the length of that girl's hair ? It's way passed her bum , I'm gonna have her trim .... she's supposed to be slaying that ass of hers " she said. " Buh mom what if Alex ends up being seduced ? I asked and she laughed evilly. " Even for the best , I won't mind if he knocks her up , I want all the grand children in the world" she said and I frowned.  


" What ? You only have two sons" I said and she rubbed her hands together. " That's why you both need to stop using condoms, you're still so young" she said trust my mom in-law to discuss sex so casually and shamelessly.


" Mom how the hell did you know al has feelings for Emma ? I asked. And she just smiled. 



☕ Alexander's pov ☕


" Mom ,Vera " I said in shock as they both catwalked into my mansion. Especially mom being over dramatic with the catwalk. " Grandma" Mia said and hugged her then Vera. " Mom your here ? ? I asked.


" Ya but not for you, I'm here to pick Emma up" she said and my heart skipped a beat. I looked at Mia and she also looked clueless. Hope this is not another team blackmail.


" Good afternoon Mrs north and ma'am Vera" Emma said to the both of them and dropped a Glass of juice for Mia.


" Emerson darling,I came to pick you up so we can hang out together" mom said and I nearly got an heart attack , does mom know I like Emma ? " Nooooo " I said and they both turned to me ." Well I ..I .. mean .. Emma is busy now" I said and Emma frowned.


" I'm not busy sir ..." She said and Vera glared at me. Oh now they want to kidnap my employee in front of me ? " Mom Vera she's taking care of Mia now" I said and Mia Frowned. 


" No daddy fluffs ? you are here , let nanny Emma go and have fun ?Mia said and mom removed her shades dramatically. " She's coming with me Alex" she said and wore them back in action style she's such a drama queen.


" Ma'am I'll just go get changed" Emma said and went upstairs. " Mom don't do whatever is running in your mind" I said and she laughed.



? Emma's POV ?


I wonder why Mrs north wants to hang out with me,but I can't interrogate them . We arrived at the place and it was a beauty Parlor , it looks rich and sophisticated. " Mom I've been waiting since an hour ago" someone said and my eyes widened seeing miss Stephanie. I wonder how someone so beautiful with goddess looks can be this mean and rude. 



She turned to my direction and chuckled. " Seriously momma , you brought her along ? She asked folding her hands . She wore a big black t shirt that was very short and exposed her laps and long legs . And black diamond laid sandals that looked expensive. I'm so scared because I'm sure of she tried to bend down, she'll show her bum . Buh she just doesn't care , her skin glow was just so preety and the way she carried herself .


" Stephanie what your trying to do stop it , Emma is a nice girl if you try to know her " Mrs north said.


" Ion like knowing people mom , it's waste of Time, exspecially this girl, she gives me baby vibes , how old is she ten ? She asked staring at my outfit. She's just so rude. 


" Ion hang out with classless girls " she said smirking and I frowned. " Ion hang out with rude rich brats either ma'am " I said in a sugar coated voice and she smiled naughtily. 


" Mom she has a sharp tongue and doesn't let anyone bully her ,she's beautiful although too innocent for my liking" she said staring at me with no emotions on her face. 


This woman is a hundred times more complicated than Mr Alexander. I can't even figure out if she likes or hates me. 



? Stephanie's POV ?


I was kinda taking aback when the Emma girl answered me ,buh that's what I like in a girl . Someone that doesn't let anyone bully them ,that can stand for themselves buh that doesn't mean we're friends. I don't easily let people in , because they end up hurting me,I don't even let myself be too emotionally attached to a person Charles has been avoiding me because I refuse to apologise to the queen of innocence. Infact he wants us to be friends I thought with a Chuckle. 


That would only happen if he wants my brother to have an heart attack , everyone knows I'm wild , I'm rude ,I'm a bad bitch , I've done a lot of crazy things in my life that makes me Stephanie . I'll be a bad influence on Emerson if we ever try being friends. 


Mom just told me to give her a make over , I called the girls and we took Emma to the bubble bath. She was just so shy to take off her robe infront of us .


" Emma we are girls here, and FYI ion swing that way I do men " I said and she blushed red. Seriously even Lia wasn't this innocent when she was a virgin. I wonder how my brother would convince her the day they finally get there , .


She removed her robe and that's when I realized she's just too innocent ???which twenty three years old wears Micky mouse panties ? . 


She has big ass and moderate size boobs . But she's just so shy, seeing her like this makes me wanna protect her from the harsh reality of life , to never let paint taint her. 


" Ma'am Stephanie ion wanna cut my hair" she said but couldn't look me in the eyes . 


She has such fears and she's into Xander ? What happens when constancia the bad bitch comes back ? I thought with a frown.



" Emma she isn't shaving your whole head or turning you bald , she's just gonna trim it " I said and she gave a nod. " When you don't want something, say it looking at the person straight in the eye, your nobody's toy" I said and she looked shocked while I stared back at my phone. .


? Emma's POV ?


Miss Stephanie is a definition of don't judge a book by its cover she's sometimes friendly and sometimes rude. Buh what I noticed is she's scared to open to someone up to someone. 


We went shopping and I took longer designs of the dresses she chose . I nearly laughed at the expression on her face . " I believe in dressing decent ma'am Stephanie" I said and she rolled her eyes. " If I had an ass like yours heavens know what I'd have done" she said and ma'am Vera smack her head. " Stephanie don't say that to her " Vera said and she frowned. " Why it's the truth ion fake my life Emma, that's why ion make friends with innocent virgin girls, I'm a bad influence even Vera doesn't want me to talk infront of you" she said chuckling. 


" Buh..." I tried protesting. " I'm selfish , do you know I smoke ? She asked and Vera smacked her head again while she laughed. " We'll take this it's a gift from me " she said giving me a nightwear ." It's too reaveling and sexy " I said and she laughed. " Just take it darling" ma'am Vera said and I couldn't say no .




☕ Alexander's pov ☕


" Wait what ? You mean mom took Stephanie with her ? 


And Emma is there too ? I asked Anthony while panicking. " Hey cheel," he said and Mia stood up with her Teddy. " I'm coming daddy fluffs , and uncle ton ton" she said and went upstairs.


" Tell your daughter I'm not ton ton, and by the way cheel " he said. 


" Cheel seriously ,you know how our sister is and you tell me to cheel ? Either she's bullying her right now or giving her bad influence" I said and Anthony burst out laughing.


" Your laughing ? I said annoyed. " She's not even your girlfriend yet and you've started running crazy what happens when you Finally ask her out ? You better go and ask her out before someone else does ,heart attack will just kill you" he said laughing hard .


I wonder who wants to buy an elder brother I'll gladly sell mine . 





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