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Types of thesis statement along with examples 

The thesis statement can not be too straightforward so that there is no depth nor it should be too extensive as it could b very tedious to add each and every detail within the work. Therefore, striking a balance is the key here, and do not forget to give your work a final proofread. A thes

Assignments, quizzes, and tests are all integral parts of academics. These can become really tedious when essay writer has to be prepared for all of them especially when deadlines might overlap. However, knowing the tricks of each and how to overcome them can be the best solution possible. Essays and research papers are among the most commonly utilized writings.


There is always a thesis involved that shows what each of the writing is all about. What would be included within the paper and how it shall all connect. An expert essay writer never misses the thesis statement as it helps to give direction to the writer as well as the reader. It is always better to know how to craft a different thesis as it can be really helpful for the cause. Here are the different thesis types that are often used.


Thesis and Examples 


The first kind of thesis statement is the argumentative thesis. This is written mainly for situations in which you either argue for or against a topic. The stance must be clear, the topic must also be established, and then end it with the reasons you are going to use. Here is an example of the argumentative thesis. As you can see that technology is the topic and its effectiveness for humans is the stance followed by the reasons.


“Technology is a great tool that has improved human life by enhancing the efficiency of work; allowing people to connect easily, and reduce the overall load that humans might have on themselves”


The second type of thesis is related to analytical papers where one analyzes the situation and then establishes the result. There are mainly two parts. The topic and then the results of the analysis must be shown in the thesis statement. Here is how you formulate the thesis. Using the same topic but with a twist


“The analysis shows that technology is indeed helpful for humans by ensuring that the overall effort that is involved in completing each task is reduced significantly leading to an increased efficiency”


Another type of thesis that is really popularly used in different assignments is the expository thesis statement. Expository writing focuses on gathering evidence and then examining the overall argument that might be present regarding a topic. There might be no original arguments but the aim is to do in-depth research in certain aspects of the topic. Again, using the same topic of technology, we see how this kind of thesis is written.


“Social media can be harmful to the growth of students as it leads to distractions, improper time management and being prone to social media addiction”


Now you have an overall idea of how to craft the thesis statement for the next assignment. When I Write my essay, I pay extra attention to the thesis statement. It is imperative as everything connects to it. The main purpose of the thesis is to bring cohesion. Here is how you develop the right thesis statement for the assignment,

  • Get an idea of the prompt and identify the stance you shall be taking on the topic. This is essential as it helps to craft a thesis that shall flow throughout the entire paper.
  • Next, do some research and identify the various reasons that you shall be pursuing when talking about a topic. You may talk in general or in a biased way. Each of the conditions must be backed with evidence otherwise there would be no impact on the readers.
  • A multipart thesis is always helpful to develop as it becomes easy to use within an essay or paper. Each of the paragraphs that you add to the paper has to connect to the thesis. This enhances the coherence and leads to tracking the elements as it goes right to the start of the thesis.
  • The thesis is always written at the end of the introductory paragraph and becomes a part of the introduction. It essentially provides a glimpse into the entire essay or paper and how it would be eventually developed.

One thing to note is that each of the paragraphs as well as the topic sentences must relate to the thesis in some way. If there is a lack of connectivity then the overall topic would deviate from the right course and there might be issues for you. All of the issues can be resolved if you contact an essay writing service. They have experts available who can guide you on how to craft the perfect thesis.


Now you have a very comprehensive idea of the different kins of thesis and how best to craft them. Also, you can now easily construct your entire paper by knowing how to secure it in line with the thesis. It is really important that the last line of the paper can be traced towards the introduction and the thesis statement. 


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