Reasons as to why women love leadership in men


1. A man who is a leader knows what he wants. He is decisive and dependable. Women thrive where there is clarity

2. A man who is a leader leads himself well, before he is able to lead a family

3. Leadership is a demonstration that a man posseses a vision. A man without a vision is dangerous

4. A man who is a leader, values what he leads, making him responsible and accountable

5. A man who is a leader has self discipline. He doesn't need the woman to police him on what to do right when he is far from her

6. Leading men are confident. Confidence is very sexy and attractive. It turns a woman on

7. A man who is a leader pursues and protects

8. She too is a leader. She needs someone she can lead with, not someone to mother or baby sit

9. Leadership is not about a title or a position, but a trait. A man doesn't have to have a political or administrative position to lead

10. Men who have leadership skills fight for the marriage they lead and give direction

11. Men who are leaders don't look for someone to blame or wallow in pity. They are solution providers

12. It is easy for a wife to help a man who is a leader because he knows where he wants to go

13. Leadership is not about speaking loudly or demanding respect; but being decisive, proactive, inclusive of the woman in making decisions and taking responsibility

14. Leadership in bed heightens sexual intimacy and makes the wife extra horny because she nows her husband hunts for her sexiness

15. Men that are leaders are great fathers. To mentor the young requires leadership

16. Leadership brings about progress, making the woman proud to be his wife. They win together

17. Leadership leads to legacy. She desires to grow old with a man who has a long term view in mind

18. A man who sees himself as a leader is proud of the home he leads and doesn't bring it shame. He seeks to grow and matures faster

19. A man who leads inspires her to be the best her. She needs a man who challenges her to be better because he sets a good example

20. A man who is a leader is confident in himself. He is not intimidated by his woman's success and shine; he encourages it

21. Men who are leaders are not "Yes" men, they don't just say yes to everything the woman wants. He can respectfully disagree with her and tell her why. She values his uniqueness and stand. He is not a doormat

22. Men who are leaders are not easily manipulated by their friends and family. They don't bow to pressure. They do what is best for their home. He is his own man

Everlyne Onami

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