Love is strong when you make your spouse your priority

My spouse,

Others might find me sexy, but it is being sexy in your eyes that excites me. My body is all yours.


Others might pray for me, but it is your prayers that I yearn for the most. You know me, my struggles and issues better than anyone.


Others might talk to me, but it is conversations with you that I look forward to. You and I have come from far.


Others might support me, but it is your support that means the most to me. I am your person.


Others might talk about me, but it is what you say about me that carries the most weight. Those out there are not my priority.


Others might compliment me, but it is your compliments that I hold dear. Thank you for noticing what is good about me.


Others might celebrate my birthday, but it is celebrating with you that counts the most. Every year that I add, is a milestone with you.


Others might advise me, but it is your advise that I require more than any other. You and I are one, tell me your thoughts because what affects me affects you too.


Others might abandon me, but your rejection will crash me the most. You are the closest person to my heart, please take care of me as I take care of you.


Others might award me, but the award I seek the most is to be awarded as "The one who loved you right and showed you how special you are"


Others might notice my progress, but it is your involvement in my progress that I treasure. Let us rise together.


Whatever life brings us, I got you and I know you got me too.


Everlyne Onami

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