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Talent integrates experience, skills and knowledge, an aspiration to change the world for better and contribute to universe progress.

Life is full of amazing discoveries. All my life I believed that talent is a strictly innate quality. If you do not have the inborn aptitude for singing, neither conservatoire, nor endless practical singing classes will make you a remarkable singer. It turned out I was on the wrong path.

Modern discoveries have shown that talent does not depend on innate qualities. Moreover the social environment appeared to be crucial in forming personal endowments. So, is not it great? Then all of us can turn into geniuses if we put our effort into it. I would like to be so enthusiastic about it. But of course there are many restrictions here. First of all, the basis of talent is formed up to three years. During this period childs brain cells are best at developing new connections (by 3 years 90 % of the brain structure has been already formed). This age is very important: the toddlers are developing intellectually and most of their personal traits are also formed during this time. The main aim of the education and upbringing at this age is to develop fundamental psychological functions- memory, attention, imagination, logical thinking. Many modern psychological tests for one-year-old include social aspects. Besides the well known IQ they reflect the childs emotional quotient EQ. Without it even the high IQ is not a guarantee of future success. The only chance to improve EQ – teach the child to communicate with other people.

Scientists affirm that talent formation stops at the age of thirteen. Up to this moment parents have to work wonders. Their first priority should be to stimulate their children to develop themselves without pushing them too hard.Wunderkinds do not follow general standards. Their talent is like a comet: flashes and fades away in no time. The world is amazed with 6-year old students of universities, young musicians performing in the most reputable opera halls, young geniuses calculating complicated mathematic figures. However, it is often the case that their emotional development is often retarded. The reason is fast intellectual development. Their unique abilities account for hypertrophied development of the specific memory. Such overcharge inhibits the development of the feelings. There is a great variety of definitions to the word talent, some are rather contradictory and argumentative. Probably it is next to impossible to define such a complex phenomenon. Talent integrates experience, skills and knowledge, an aspiration to change the world for better and contribute to universe progress.

Such desire does not appear occasionally. It lives within the person awaiting its time. Sometimes the appropriate time never comes. Routine problems, bustle and busy life rhythm take too much energy. Talent wont show itself if the person is exhausted. Such state may last for years. Then we just prefer to justify ourselves and say that the talent has been lost. Don't you think that we always have a chance of reviving talent?

Octavian Miguel

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