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Shiba Inu’s Ultimatum To Ryoshi Team Over Slower Rewards Distribution



Shiba Inu’s decentralized platform ShibaSwap has published a blog to inform the Shib community of the current status and situation with the SHIB Burn Portal that is powered by Ryoshi Vision.


The post begins by mentioning the significance of the burn portal which serves as a benefit for both communities- the Ryoshi and the Shiba’s development team while honoring SHIB’s holders to eliminate tokens out of circulation in exchange for a reward system.


It then acknowledges the bottlenecks which have been affecting the community that is leading to disruption in the workflows as well as users becoming frustrated over slower rewards distribution.


In addition to this, some users were unable to claim since the day these rewards were released. “Users that have received the rewards have also engaged with Discord’s moderation team at Ryoshi Vision to find out more information to no avail,” it alleged.


Shiba Inu Community Can No Longer Tolerate Any Further Delay

The DEX also revealed that Ryoshi Vision has initiated discussion with regards to the issues and updates with their investors. But so far have failed to provide any clarity, or a medium of communication to address the issue beyond such events.


We understand repairs and delays can occur and take time, yet the community can no longer efficiently continue to hold with no delivery or communication. This has gone beyond acceptable ratios in which investors and contributors to the portal have to wait for such a response.


“We have asked them also to acknowledge this and provide better communication and transparency to both communities,” it added.


Meanwhile, Ryoshi Vision has responded via Twitter acknowledging the issues saying that they are taking full responsibility for the delays, and are actively working towards a rapid response and resolution.


For those new, the Shiba Inu burn portal was built in collaboration with the creators of Ryoshi Vision in April 2022. Ryoshi Vision is a community-run ERC20 token, and it was founded to honor the creator of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, “Ryoshi.”


Also, the Ryoshi Vision token is not part of the Shiba Ecosystem, and it is its own project and has its own goals. 

Hennessy Ajang

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