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Mortal Mortal

"You really have something to do with the Jiao Chi clan!"! I'm curious. I don't know whether you are a member of the Jiao Chi clan or a member of the Fire Moon clan.

"You really have something to do with the Jiao Chi clan!"! I'm curious. I don't know whether you are a member of the Jiao Chi clan or a member of the Fire Moon clan. Han Li seemingly casually pinched the beads with two fingers, but his face showed a sneer. The little man in the round bead closed his eyes tightly and said nothing. Since you are plotting the jade box in Han's hand, you should know something about it. Tell me what I want to know if you can be sensible. I might be able to. "Can you still let me leave here?"? Before Han Li finished speaking, the little man in the round bead suddenly opened his eyes and replied with an expressionless face. No, I can only let you suffer less from soul searching and soul refining! Han Li raised his eyebrows and replied coldly. In that case, I have nothing to say. If you want to use soul-searching on me, you'd better not waste this effort. My divine consciousness has long been forbidden by the existence of the ranks of the Holy Clan. Even if the same Holy Clan searches for souls in the third rank, I will at most explode my mind. The little man suddenly said with a sneer on his face. When Han Li heard this answer, he frowned, and then the double emblem squinted at the little man in the round bead for a moment, and suddenly rubbed his hands! Just listen to the big thunder! In the flash of the golden arc, the bead broke in an instant, and the little people inside were annihilated by flying ash. Han Li did not know whether what the other side said was true or false, but he had no time to stay here any longer. In order to prevent the other side's mind from being marked by any induction, he also could not let Fang yuan Shen leave here alive. So as soon as I saw what I wanted to know, I did not hesitate to do it. Han Li did not know that at the moment when the original God of the Fire Moon Man was destroyed, at the top of the silver island floating over the Green Light City, in a silver hall, someone suddenly gave a light "Yi" with some surprise. Brother Tu, what happened? The other man asked with some curiosity. The prohibition I left in Hongyin's mind has disappeared, and he seems to have fallen. An old man with a short beard, dressed in a silver robe and sitting on a milky white chair, frowned and said. He had a short red horn on his head, and when he grasped it with one hand, a blue wooden sign appeared in his hand. A red spar in the center of the wooden sign was broken into several pieces. What, his cover was blown? Was he under siege? Another inquirer, a middle-aged man in his forties, also wearing a silver robe, asked doubtfully. Maybe so. After all, the cultivation of Red Mie is not weak, and according to the news from him last time, cold drawn tubes ,side impact door beams, there is no existence of the third order of the Holy Family in the Green Light City. Had it not been besieged, it would not have fallen easily. Or before we arrive, suddenly another holy order has sneaked into the city. If such a thing exists, those who come first may not be aware of it even if they watch it all day. The old man grabbed his beard, nodded and said. In that case, we'll have to come in person, just in case. I really don't understand. What is the treasure under the gun this time? It bothers people like us who have half a foot in the holy family to do it. The middle-aged man sighed lightly and looked disapprovingly. Chapter 1562 of the main text. "Even with half a foot in.". But it's not really the Holy Family. The cultivation of the two of us is equivalent to the first rank of the Holy Clan, but when we advanced, we relied on more than a dozen elders to take turns to fill the body with secret skills, so that we were lucky to break through the bottleneck of strength. But it is much inferior in mind and spirit. If you don't meditate and practice for thousands of years, there is no comparison with the existence of the true holy people. This time, if it wasn't for the shortage of staff. I don't think the elders will transfer us in a hurry. Said the old man, shaking his head. That's true, too. But even so, the two of us, even if the real holy one or two, want to have the power of the first World War. And the possibility of a holy family in the city of green light is very small. The middle-aged man nodded and said. But it's a pity for Hong to destroy this child! The old man did not know what to think of, and his face showed a trace of regret. I heard that this son has both the blood of the Fire Moon Clan and our Jiao Chi Clan, and the blood of the Jiao Chi Clan belongs to your Fire Clan. Don't you have anything to do with Brother Tu? The middle-aged man suddenly smiled when he heard this. Tumou made the ferocious brother laugh. Speaking of it, this son is really a descendant of a person who has a long history. At the beginning, after he was found by accident, he had been lurking in the Tianyun clans. However, his talent for cultivation is indeed very high, and it is very likely that one day he will be able to reach the level of you and me. And our Yan clan elders are ready, just wait for him to go undercover as soon as the matter is over, come back to give him a change of blood and marrow, and completely transform the body into our horned yellow clan. But unexpectedly, seeing that the matter was about to be completed, there was trouble. The old man's face darkened. Hey, brother Tu, don't be sorry. I'll go back and cut his killer into pieces. It is a pity. We did not plant a mark on him for fear that he would be perceived as a flaw. Otherwise, the murderer can be easily found out. Not enough. It doesn't matter. We've got most of the men out of the boat. They'll never get out of here. The middle-aged man preached with a smile. With the great elders personally giving the Tianxuan compass, naturally there is no need to worry about their escape. The only trouble is. There was more than one of those things, and it was not known whether they were still in the hands of the Wangu people. We can't let them destroy these things in a hurry. The elders are very clear. To bring things back in good condition. The old man thought about it. Said. Of course I know that. Otherwise, why did the two of us hide in the battle boat all the time without showing up? We just want to confirm the target first,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, and then seize things by means of thunder. Don't give them a chance to react! According to the previous calculation. First let Hong Mie confirm who has it, and then leave a mark to inform us to do it. If Hong Mianyi falls now, it is not clear who has it. That's a bit of trouble! The middle-aged man frowned again.


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