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Sir, it's too heavy.

"I'll give you money, and I'll give you double money to buy new shoes. Is that all right?" Taishi Niangzi hurriedly took out her wallet, damn, this fool don't delay her and Lan Lan to eat!

"I'll give you money, and I'll give you double money to buy new shoes. Is that all right?" Taishi Niangzi hurriedly took out her wallet, damn, this fool don't delay her and Lan Lan to eat! But Sang Yier went to the extreme, "I don't want your money, I just want you to apologize, you.." I'm sorry! I apologize! Is that all right?! Taishi Niangzi glanced at a few bodyguards who surrounded her, thinking that she would not rush out. She had a bad luck today. When she went out, she met this kind of best product. I heard that Muhua College specialized in the best product, and it really lived up to its reputation! Do you have such an attitude of apology? You didn't mean to apologize! How can you do that? Mu Rulan stood behind a person to look inside, this mulberry son is obviously deliberately dragging with Taishi Niangzi, is looking for fault? As soon as his eyes turned, Mu Rulan noticed a man dressed in black, wearing a black hat and sunglasses, with a few strands of blonde hair running from behind to the front of his neck. Dong Sixuan? What the hell are they doing? Mu Rulan was also confused, but looking at the appearance of Taishi Niangzi, Mu Rulan went out. Lady. Taishi Niangzi heard the voice as if granted amnesty, saw Mu Rulan hurriedly rushed past, wailing, "Mom, Lan Lan, I met a madman, the legendary brain-damaged Virgin Mary!"! This is my nightmare! Mu Rulan appeased Taishi Niangzi,14 tube fitting, took a look at these black-clad bodyguards who were obviously blocking people, and then looked at the mulberry who was staring at her and Dong Sixuan who was watching the play with her arms in her arms behind her. Her eyes narrowed slightly, "Miss Sang, Mr. Dong, what are you doing to my friend?" "So you are friends, I said, really birds of a feather flock together, one by one is not educated, stepped on my shoes without an apology!" Sang Yier voice a little sharp up,stainless steel tube fitting, looking at Mu Rulan fundus is full of hate, she was originally and Dong Sixuan bet, Taishi Niangzi is Dong Sixuan casually selected object, Dong Xixuan said, as long as she can make this angry cry, he will help to say to Dong Qi, let her continue to serve as the heroine of his MV, but this woman and Mu Rulan are friends, so hate the house and the dog. Is it? Perhaps many of the people present had problems with their ears, so they could not hear her apology. Mu Rulan's sharp eyes swept around, calling the audience to touch their noses or do some other small actions with a guilty conscience. Anyway, if you don't apologize to me today until I'm satisfied, you won't be able to leave! Mulberry son temper also came up, she saw Mu Rulan thought of Mo Qianren that did not give face to the straightforward words of blood, she also want to embarrass this person! "If you can't settle a dispute privately, why don't you go to the police or court?"? Lady, 12 needle valve ,38 tube fitting, call the police. Mu Rulan is too lazy to say more with this kind of naturally unlikable person, the depth is not enough, but it is not bad enough, that is, a cheap and brain-damaged idiot, which makes her feel that the price has dropped. Taishi Niangzi was reminded by Mu Rulan's words and slapped herself on her forehead, "Damn it!"! My stupid brain, how can I forget, my father is the police chief ah! Only then did Taishi Niangzi react that she had a backer! He quickly took out his cell phone and was about to dial out. Dong Sixuan sees this also no matter too Shi Niangzi is to deceive people to install thirteen or is true, for this little thing to make trouble into the police station, Dong Qi will give him a good look. Miss Mu, there's no need to go to such a place for a misunderstanding. Only then did Dong Sixuan stand out, with a wild smile at the corners of his mouth that charmed all living beings, and the soaring hormones made the onlookers look ambiguous for a moment. Mu Rulan did not seem to feel this special male attraction, Wen Yan lips raised a smile, "misunderstanding?" "Yes, we're just playing a joke on this young lady. If you're unhappy, I apologize to you." Dong Sixuan leaned close to the two of them, smiling so sexy that his heart beat so fast that it seemed to jump out of his throat. Taishi Niangzi's cheeks were slightly red, trembling and holding her cell phone to call Lishen, help! There's a monster! "We are very unhappy, then, please apologize.". "Mu Rulan smiled and said, as if he had not seen the extreme smile that was close at hand.". Completely did not expect Mu Rulan would come out of such a sentence Dong Sixuan mouth smile slightly frozen, everyone knows, he just that sentence is just to give each other a step, an enemy should not be a signal, as long as they have nothing to do with things even if exposed, we may also be able to make friends to leave a phone number or something, the results of Mu Rulan actually directly out of such a sentence? "You.." Sang Yier thought she was a princess surrounded by the whole world, how could she apologize, but also apologize to the people she hated, but the impulsive words were interrupted by Dong Sixuan before they came out. Joking, this brainless fool, will pull the hind legs, the other side is not clear who dare to provoke casually, he is also entangled by this fool to be bored to death will be out of this bad plan to get rid of the entanglement of mulberry son, did not expect to provoke Mu Rulan again. Dong Sixuan raised a gentleman's smile, put one hand on his left chest, and bent slightly like a prince in the palace. "Madam, please allow me to reflect on our mistakes and apologize to you." People have achieved such a step, and if they are not satisfied, are they not people like Sang? Mu Rulan smiled, her smile was warm and clean, and her eyes were clear and moving. "Now that you have apologized, we will forgive your unreasonable behavior. But I still think it is necessary to remind you that when you go out in the future, you should take all the things you should take, so as not to let others think that you are born without them." Dong Sixuan expression suddenly froze, the blue eyes under the sunglasses surprised stare, full of consternation, he did not expect,needle valve manufacturer, this woman is really so impolite, she is not polite to Sang Zheng, even if they are not polite to him!.


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