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Beauty is attractive

Tell me, is this the reason. Thinking of this, Fu Baozheng loosened the ice-sugar gourd and said to the servant girl who was about to vomit with a smile, "If you really don't like it, you don't have to force it.

Tell me, is this the reason. Thinking of this, Fu Baozheng loosened the ice-sugar gourd and said to the servant girl who was about to vomit with a smile, "If you really don't like it, you don't have to force it. Just throw it away." Anyway, your daughter, who doesn't care about Su's banquet now, doesn't care whether his ingenious ice-sugar gourds is eaten or thrown away. ~ Su Fu. On the evening of the thirteenth day of the first lunar month, Su Yan brought back a girl's winter skirt and cloak from a Su embroidery shop. The red skirt was placed on a wide shelf bed, with two open sleeves. The white lotus on the top was embroidered with silver thread, while the rest of the lines were all gold thread. Yang'er, every stitch is your taste. Su Yan's slender fingers moved inch by inch over every flower table on her skirt, especially on the white lotus that Yang liked, and stayed the longest until her fingertips were almost sore and numb before she continued to move down. Somebody, pack this skirt and send it to Fu Guogong's mansion. When Su Yan saw that the servant girl had finished packing, he suddenly remembered something and quickly wrote on the letter: Is the ice-sugar gourd delicious last time? This red skirt is the best match for you, the most beautiful, wear it on the Lantern Festival, see you. He folded the letter into a love peach, stuffed it into his bag, and ordered the servant girl to send it to Fu Baoyang. But Su Yan never expected that the next day, he would receive a letter from Fu Guogongfu, saying that Fu Baoyang was not feeling well because of the occasional cold, and that it was not appropriate to go out on the Lantern Festival. This is to refuse the previous invitation. Su Yan frowned sensitively. Fu Baoyang, who practices martial arts, has always been strong. How can he easily catch cold? "Feng Zhi,Flush Retrofit Kit, you go to visit Fu Guogong's mansion at night to find out the actual situation and see if Miss Yang is really ill." The wind, is Su Yan raised in the side of the dark guard, skill first-class, into the general mansion as if into no man's land. Half an hour later, the wind came back to report: "Report back to the eldest son, Miss Yang seems to." She was in good health, and there was nothing wrong with her. When the little man went there, she and Miss Fu San were making a snowman in the yard with lanterns. Seeing that his guess was confirmed, Su Yan was stunned for a moment, and then he thought hard,stainless steel squatting pan, could it be that on the day of the temple fair, his sister had offended Fu Baoyang, and she did not want to associate with him any more? If so, then Su Qin and Su Hua are really damned, he can not forgive the two of them. Suddenly, Su Yan thought of another possibility, thinking of that possibility, every nerve on Su Yan's body tightened up, and ordered in a harsh voice: "Feng Zhi, these two days you go to Fu Guogong's mansion to squat, especially on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, keep an eye on Fu Baoyang all the way, and report any changes to her." Su Yan did not want to admit that he was not as good as others, but he still had to keep an eye on Fu Baoyang. In the dark, he felt that Fu Baoyang was in good health, but refused to spend the Lantern Festival with him. It was very likely that she had been invited by others to spend the Lantern Festival with others. For example, with another man. After the wind left, Su Yan's eyes were slightly red: "Miss Fu, Prison toilet for sale ,Flush valve price, you'd better not betray me." The author has something to say: La La La, this chapter is very fat, continue to send red envelopes, a lot of messages, branches like to see your messages! Chapter 98 Beautiful and attractive 98 Fu Bao-yang has always been doing things in a hurry, and does not like to hide. After figuring out who he likes in his heart, the first one told Fu Bao-zheng, and the second one told his mother. Blunt and Frank. I didn't even blink. Zheng, the third wife, was so shocked that the whole person was stunned. After a while, she stammered: Who are you talking about? Which one?.. Lee. Li Xiaosha? Third wife Zheng's brain rumbled and exploded, like countless shells exploding in her small head, round by round, so that Zheng forgot the whole world, only remembered the three words "Li Xiaosha". Fu Baoyang nodded earnestly: "Yes, mother, you heard right, also did not understand wrong, I like is you know that Li Xiaosha, not other Li Xiaosha with the same name.". ” Zheng, the third wife, almost lost her footing and stared at her daughter for a long time before she found her voice again: "Yang'er, have you been stimulated too much recently and are talking nonsense?" Zheng is difficult to accept, Yang son originally liked the Su banquet of the clear breeze and bright moon, how in a few days, it became Li Xiaosha who lingered in the flowers? To tell you the truth, no matter what else, just talk about the external image of the two people, one is in the clouds high above, the other is in the mud underground. Absolute difference between clouds and mud. How do you think the third wife Zheng can accept it for a while? It's not too much to say that my heart is about to burst in shock. Yang son, even if you can't stand the strict rules of Su Fu, you don't have to wronged yourself to tie up a prodigal son who waves to the sky? With your uncle and aunt, you can always find a good husband who can accept you sincerely. The third wife, Zheng Shi, was about to cry, thinking that her daughter was greatly stimulated and just wanted to escape the strict rules of the family, so she picked a Li Xiaosha who did not speak any rules at random. Yang son ah, you don't be deceived by the appearance, Li Xiaosha he is not the rules, but does not mean that his house is not the rules ah. He was born in Pingyong Hou Fu, although his father is not the heir to the title of prince, but heard a bit severe, because Li Xiaosha is dissolute all day long, father and son are going to break off the relationship, you follow Li Xiaosha, how can you be happy.. Speaking of this, the third wife Zheng suddenly remembered, good, how could her daughter suddenly abandon Su Yan, choose Li Xiaosha, is not what happened these days she did not know? Suddenly, Zheng recalled that all the abnormalities of her daughter seemed to have started from the day she entered the palace Chinese New Year's Eve. Could it be that her daughter in the night palace was taken advantage of by Li Xiaosha? Apart from this, Zheng could not think of any other explanation. He immediately turned pale and asked: "Yang, you won't be given by Li Xiaosha." Did you touch it? Fu Baoyang's little white face was immediately decorated with red, as if a handful of gorgeous Rouge had been sprinkled in an instant, and the bright red luster had risen. Fu Baoyang's mind is full of the lake, she and he tightly depend on each other, vaguely as if her two arms around his neck,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, such a beautiful picture, Fu Baoyang this little girl who has never touched a man, how can not blush.


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