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The First Mouth in the Realm of Cultivation

The First Mouth in the Realm of Cultivation

But the current situation does not allow him to think more about the story behind Meng yuansi, the temperature around him is getting higher and higher, one more minute of delay, his danger is greater, it is serious to break the deadlock earlier. The scorching heat brought by the flame seemed to burn all the way into Ning Qing's heart. The clothes on his back were already soaked with sweat, and the broken hair on his forehead was soaked with sweat and clung tightly to his forehead, which made him look even more discomfited. But the intense exercise and high fever not only brought inconvenience to Ning Qing and led to increased physical exertion, but also made his elegant face full of abnormal blush, coupled with his serious thinking expression, which added a sudden temptation to him as an abstinent person, and made Meng yuansi look darker in his eyes. Ning Qing did not notice Meng yuansi more bad expression, he is not the kind of person who easily draw conclusions, try to cast a "drizzle", see really can not extinguish the flame created by Meng yuansi, the brain began to rotate at a high speed. Obviously the whole person is hot and dry, but once he starts thinking, Ning Qing's brain is very calm and sober, and he quickly summarizes the difficulties in front of him and analyses them step by step. At present, the objective facts are: First, Meng yuansi tried to kill him with high temperature, and created a false impression that he knew he was defeated but wanted to be brave, so as to avoid harsh punishment; second, "clouds" and "drizzle" could ensure that he would not be burned by magic, but aggravated the difficulties brought to him by the high temperature environment; third, there was a real person watching the battle, and the probability of his exposure by using Ninggouyu or magic in the Secret Book increased. After a little analysis, we can get: First,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, Meng yuansi plans carefully, is really going to kill him, although do not know what the reason is, but it is impossible to simply stop, even if he immediately admit defeat, I am afraid Meng yuansi still has a back hand, not to mention that he did not want to easily admit defeat; Second, when the "drizzle" and "cloud" are removed, he will directly face the flames all over the sky. It is inevitable that he will be injured. At the same time, it will also create an opportunity for Meng yuansi to "grasp the magic under shock". Third,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, Meng yuansi's magic will not stop. The hot fire and the magic he has been casting this year make the spirit of heaven and earth on the arena fluctuate extremely violently, which may cover up the improvement of the magic of the Secret Code. "Drizzle" and "cloud" can not be withdrawn, so the conclusion is: First, if you directly admit defeat and give up this game, you may not be able to save yourself, and there is more than half of the chance that you will be injured by Meng yuansi's backhand; second, if you use the magic of crow's mouth, which has less Reiki feedback, to break the game, there is a certain chance that you will be perceived by the golden elixir. Ning Qing's mind is clear, the speed of thinking is very fast, although thought such a string, but before and after is only a few seconds of time. Believe in their own analysis, what's more, this dangerous situation instead aroused Ning Qing a little gambler heart, under the comparative analysis directly choose the second, a little thought, a startled wood beat fly Meng yuansi hidden under the magic in the instrument, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, opened his mouth to Meng yuansi set up a flag. I always have a hobby, facing the cold water poured by others, catch it first, wait for it to boil, and then pour it back to him. Ning Qing's eyes fell faintly on Meng yuansi's face, and Yin said, "Elder Martial Brother Meng, I know some people like your face, some people like your voice, someone likes your character, someone likes your life, but I am different, I don't like you." "I am a master of hatred. It is enough to have one in a team. But when Elder Martial Brother comes, I can only bow to the wind.". Forget it. I'm tired of pulling hatred for so many years. I'll leave the rest of the work to my brother. After saying this, Ning Qing paused and felt that a flag was not very safe. He dodged a rocket sideways and added: "By the way, the ring at the foot of the Elder Martial Brother is a bit old and in disrepair. It doesn't look very strong." Ning Qing originally thought that as soon as this flag came into effect, it was estimated that even if Meng yuansi had the root of the fire spirit, his resistance to the flame would be reduced a lot, and he would probably have to appreciate his feelings now. However, he never thought that Meng yuansi's flag was not the first one but the second one. Before he could move twice, the ring at his feet collapsed with a "boom". If it weren't for Meng yuansi's rich experience and quick reaction, he would have made a big fool of himself. But even if Meng yuansi jumped in time to the arena where there was no problem, the dust raised by the collapse of the arena also hit him all over his face, making him dirty all over, as if he had just rolled out of a field, and most of his demeanor and face had disappeared. The audience soon sounded a nun's screams, Meng yuansi hurriedly reached out to wipe his face with his sleeve, but forgot that the dust was also covered with his Taoist robe, and immediately ate a mouthful of ash, not more resentful to look at Ning Qing, eyes gradually oozing a bit of blood. Ning Qing actually looks very good, but it is not the type that is popular at the moment, and it is not the type that Meng yuansi likes. Meng yuansi had nothing in common with Ning Qing, but he had heard of Ning Qing's name. It was the first time he had seen Ning Qing in the last round of the small competition. As soon as he saw Ning Qing's outstanding face, which was not his bell, he immediately felt uncomfortable. Later, seeing that Ning Qing took a medium-grade instrument as a treasure, he was even more sick in his heart, almost no struggle, his sense of Ning Qing changed from hate to hatred, and Ning Qing was not damaged in the rumors, hatred rose directly to endless death. Originally Meng yuan thought to deal with Ning Qing, but also care about their own face, but now in the hands of Ning Qing suffered a great loss, angry he did not care about anything, only one thought, to kill Ning Qing, good reward for his shame today! Once this person is angry and rational, he will do a lot of incredible things, regardless of the consequences. Meng yuansi is now in such a state, he directly from the bosom out of two can destroy the mountain to fill the sea to rob the thunder amulet, a jump into the air, without saying a word to inspire up. Chapter 69 Robbing thunder amulet, as its name implies, is an amulet made of robbing thunder, because it absorbs the plunder of heaven and has great power. Not to mention this kind of thing, just say that the appearance of the robbing thunder amulet represents the details of a family. Every time a monk breaks through a small realm and a big realm, he will have a variety of reactions, but in most cases he will not attract thunder. Crossing robbery,Self-closing Shower Valve, crossing robbery, sounds very powerful, if there is no point of strength where to deserve the word.


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