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Wangyao Terrace

They are few, and not a big family, or even to put it bluntly, the Xue family is now living in the middle of the family, but she is the only rough woman in the family, sometimes even stretched, but the brother and sister treat people very well, even if it is difficult to have not deducted

They are few, and not a big family, or even to put it bluntly, the Xue family is now living in the middle of the family, but she is the only rough woman in the family, sometimes even stretched, but the brother and sister treat people very well, even if it is difficult to have not deducted her due, and even from time to time there will be more care, she followed all the way from the south to the north, and now followed to Xuanfu. The servant woman answered this and went out. Only then did Xue Jingyi look at his sister and tease her a little: "What new dishes did you learn today and want to show off?" "What are the new dishes?" Instead of looking at him, her eyes fell on the hibiscus trees in the courtyard, which were at the end of their flowering period. She put her index finger on her lips and nodded, "Just be a hibiscus." Xue Jingyi looked at her back and kept silent for a long time. When she looked back at him, he looked down at her and nodded: "There is a woman in the same car, Yan Ru Shun Hua. Our sister Ling Yi is going to boast again today." The sentences in the Book of Songs were not very useful in ordinary conversation. She distinguished the shape of his lips for a long time before she realized that he was making fun of her with the good sentences of the ancients. He pretended to be angry, but he still went to pick hibiscus flowers to cook dinner for him. But he stopped her and asked tentatively, "I chose a new south string a few days ago. I haven't been idle these days. I finally tried it out last night. Try it?" She immediately threw the hard-won double hibiscus in her hand to the ground, and then ran excitedly into the room to get the lute. The weather was sometimes good and sometimes bad recently, and now it was rare for the sun to be just right. The afterglow of the setting sun poured in from the top of the courtyard wall and hit her quietly, which added some color to the lines of her skirt. Xue Jingyi looked at the girl's cheerful figure quietly and lost his mind. Until she went back to her room and took the lute back,euro plastic pallet, he was still wandering without knowing it. Ling Yi waved his hand in front of his eyes. "What are you thinking about, brother?" He suddenly came to his senses with a smile on his lips. "I was thinking that our sister Lingyi should get married, too." She stamped her foot angrily. "I don't." "Don't you say it's inconvenient? Isn't it embarrassing for me to be a brother?" He said so, but still obediently went back to the room to get the three-stringed lute out. That night, things happened in a hurry. The treasure was caught in the rain after all. He repaired it for several days in a row. It was only then that he finally heard nothing unusual. Today, he could finally take it out and play it at ease. Ling Yi sat down in the waterside pavilion, stroked the strings of the lute, and winked at him. He nodded,stackable plastic pallets, lifted his robe at random, and sat down on the carved railing. He did not make a gesture, but just pressed the strings at will, and she would feel sorry, and the music began. The southern string is bright, the lute is rigid, and the sound rises and sounds in the ear. The beautiful woman accompanied the music to hum an ancient song whose lyrics had been changed at will: "Hatred locks the fragrance of the courtyard, and the sad cage is dipped in a hookah.." Where I return, the misty rain is empty. Nanxian had no taste and intonation was hard to find, but he did not spend much time playing, but listened attentively to the lyrics she had changed at will. The lyrics were sad, and she seldom chose such words, and he was slightly stupefied. When the music stopped, he suddenly said, "Ling Yi, plastic wheelie bins ,plastic trash bins, let's go home." Where I return, the misty rain is empty. Ling Yi suddenly realized that she had just made a mistake by singing the lyrics casually. She didn't care about anything else for a moment. She quickly waved her hand and said, "Brother, I didn't mean that. I like it here." When he did not speak, she added, "Really." He still did not speak. She was so anxious that she was about to cry. "Really, I didn't lie to you," she said quickly. Brother, don't you remember the history books you used to let me read? The one you participated in compiling when you first entered the Hanlin Academy. Counting on her fingers, she read aloud, "At the gate of Xuanfu, father and son will guard the country, and the country will be prosperous and the people will be peaceful.". You read it to me word by word, and I thought at that time that if I had a chance in the future, I would ask you to take me to the place where thousands of loyal souls were buried. Now I finally got my wish, but I haven't had a chance to see the Great Wall. Why do you want to drive me back? She is always like this, and her cleverness is painful. Xue Jingyi hung his head in silence and did not speak again. He put his hand on the strings and played a high-pitched song. The strings sounded harmoniously and clanged. He sang the ancient war song in a low voice: "Wear iron armor, carry a long sword, fight with your son, step on Yan Ran.". ” Ling Yi gazed at the elder brother who had done everything for her, and his eyes suddenly filled with tears without restraint. Because of her illness, her ears were weak. In fact, she could only hear the faint sound of the strings. But she loved to sing, and her elder brother indulged her everywhere. Knowing that she could not hear them, he learned Sanxian for her. In his spare time, he would play with her. Occasionally, in order to amuse her, he would put down his posture and sing two ancient songs. As always, she could not hear his lyrics clearly at the moment, but she could feel his sadness for no reason. She plucked the strings and sang, and the pear blossoms brought rain, but she smiled on her face. The female voice is high-pitched, and the high-spirited meaning of the ancient war song is obvious. He looked at her sideways and gave a wry smile. Such a beautiful song, but she herself can no longer hear. The strength of his hands increased, and the south strings clanged like landslides, making people feel that the strings would break in the next moment, but she did not avoid it, she believed in him, even better than herself. When the sound of the lute fell, she handed him the lute and smiled at him, "Brother, help me put it back. I'll pick the hibiscus." "Let me do it." "It's no big deal. I'll do it." Xue Jingyi snorted, "Can you reach it?" She was choked by him and shyly shut up. He handed her a brocade handkerchief, and returned to his room to play the harp. When she had finished wiping her tears, he found a basket and returned to the courtyard. The setting sun is yellow, and the returning geese are singing. He stood under the tree and pulled up his sleeves. Ling Yi came up and arranged it carefully for him. He looked up and smiled at him. "Pick more. I'll cook something delicious for you today." He nodded and reached out to pick the richest hibiscus. She spoke softly behind her. "Brother, I can hear some more." Xue Jingyi was overjoyed and forgot her movements for a moment. After a while, she turned to look at her and said,wholesale plastic pallet, "Really?" She nods: "The word that you just sang is so complex, do not listen to twice a year again, otherwise how can I go up with?" 。


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