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Folding Grass-Nu Zun _ Hu Yue Chen Xiang _ Romantic Novels _ Liancheng Reading

Folding Grass-Nu Zun _ Hu Yue Chen Xiang _ Romantic Novels _ Liancheng Reading

"Dad, there is nothing good to rely on the old and sell the old," the son of the King of Hell curled his lips, "that is, you stay in this dark place and don't get the market. The human world is engaged in skin rejuvenation, facelift, wrinkle removal.. Desperate to put themselves in the light of the whole! What is popular now is pretending to be young! Dad, it's easy for you to suffer losses if you don't understand the market! Or so, after reincarnation, you come to me, I cover you, promise not to let you be bullied. "You son of a bitch!" The King of Hell flew into a rage. "Did you take advantage of me?!" He jumped up and ran after his son all over the hall. Li Mengru stood aside, burning with anxiety-I don't know what happened to Wen Ling, I don't know what happened to Xiao Wen at home? He disappeared for two days, but appeared in front of them is so terrible, others are frightened, but Qingcheng has the problem of palpitation, if anything happens to him, how can this be good. The father and son of the King of Hell were going around in circles to "exercise" when a little devil suddenly ran in rashly: "Not good, not good, the King of Hell, not good!" The King of Hell stopped and was so angry that his hair stood on end. "What's wrong?"? What's wrong with Lord Ben?! No, you're poking me again! No matter how prosperous your luck is,heavy duty plastic pallet, it will be poked and mildewed. The little devil was so frightened by his roar that he could only shiver. What's the matter?! The King of Hell asked angrily. Back to. Back to the Lord. The little devil stammered, "a creature has broken in!" "That's all?" The King of Hell stared and scolded, "It's too much of a fuss!"! What about black impermanence? Where is the white impermanence? Where did these two guys go to be lazy? Let them go! Why did you come here to make a noise?! Do you think the King of Hell is empty?! He growled angrily. Back to. Back to the Lord. The little devil was so frightened that he was about to cry. "The black adult and the white adult are in a hurry." Can't get rid of.. They followed the red line to the Palace of the King of Hell. "The red line?" The King of Hell was stupefied, touching his chin and rolling his eyes. "What red line? It's still going to hell?"? Is there such a strong red line. Ah-the red line of the old moon! And turn around, looking at Li Mengru, immediately smiled a little strange, "I said, your husband is quite infatuated!"! He was able to catch up with the underworld. "My husband?" Li Mengru trembled all over. "Who is it?"? Who doesn't cherish himself so much?! She was exasperated. "I can't help it here. What are they doing here?"? Think this is a resort? The son of the King of Hell said coolly beside him,plastic bulk containers, "Eight of your ten fingers are wrapped in red thread. Do you know who is so infatuated? Can't you count it by yourself?" Also, don't blame me for not reminding you that Dad's magic power is the biggest in the whole hell. If the living beings run into my father, they usually say that they will become dead directly. After a pause, he added, "You are an exception, thanks to me!"! Do you know Unashamedly claiming credit. Li Mengru didn't have time to chat with him and ran out in a hurry-he was afraid of stopping him late and killing a person. Kiyosumi! What are you doing here? Did not run out of the palace of the King of Hell ten steps, face to face with a slender figure, in almost passed by, was Li Mengru eyes and hands quickly pulled a positive. …… Show. Xiuyun?.. Xiuyun! The moon turned her head sideways and her confused eyes lit up. "You're really here!"! I get hold of you at last Smiling, he took her hand. "How did Connie change her appearance?"? If it weren't for the tone of voice, I would hardly recognize it! "Don't laugh!" Li Mengru's face is serious, "I am very angry now!"! Very angry! Do you know Clench his hand, "just to find me, you don't even want to die?"? It's dangerous here. You shouldn't risk your life for me! Even if I die, you should live well, do you know? Live well, collapsible pallet box ,foldable bulk container, even my share. ” "But.." Yue Qingcheng's expression was gloomy. He lowered his head and murmured, "If you are not here, there will be only pain for me." The mother emperor has left, and the brothers have their own families. The only person closest to me is you. If even you leave, I really don't know who else can give me the courage and strength to continue to live. Soft voice, mixed with sobs, "Xiuyun, Xiuyun." Don't leave me, okay? I was not the first to meet, but now, I would like to accompany you in the park. Don't drive him away, will you? "Idiot Qingcheng!" Li Mengru laughed and scolded him, his eyes were already red, "This is not a leisurely place, for others, to avoid, only you this fool can not get over.." He put his hands around his thin waist and asked softly, "How did you come here?"? What about the others? "You've been missing for two days and two nights," said Yue Qingcheng. "When Lord Zhao sent you back, it was like that again.." At this point, uncontrollably trembling all over, his tone was full of panic, "Brother Hua said, you have no breath." I only felt a pain in my heart when I heard it, and I didn't know anything. When I woke up, I was already in hell. I think, if you are not in the world, you must be in the underworld, as long as you find, where I come, there is no difference at all, so I crossed the bridge and went inside. When I met some people, I wanted to ask them about you, but they didn't seem to understand me. Fortunately, there is an unknown force in the dark, let me finally find you. When Li Mengru heard this, she felt even more guilty: Yue Qingcheng was obviously scared to death by her! Thinking that he was infatuated with himself, but in the end he died for himself, he immediately hugged him and cried, while still saying "sorry"; Yue Qingcheng looked indifferent and smiled contentedly: "It's the same for me to be with you, wherever you are. Xiuyun, don't say sorry, I'm willing. Compared with other people, I think I'm very lucky!" If you're dead, why are you lucky?! Li Mengru wanted to teach him a lesson, but she couldn't open her mouth. Say, aren't you a little too involved in the play? A cool voice, full of drama, "here is the underworld, not the film and television city, understand?"? If you want to show your love in public,mobile garbage bin, I have no objection, but please find out your current situation first, OK? 。


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