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Waiting for the Golden Year of Rebirth _ Pai Pai Novels

Waiting for the Golden Year of Rebirth _ Pai Pai Novels

Shen Zijia didn't stay at the vigil tonight. After he left, Dad didn't say anything. He just grinded his teeth and sighed and covered the quilt for me. Be good and have a good sleep. We'll go back in the morning. Mom stewed jujube porridge for you. Dad put his hand over my eyes and dimmed the light in the ward, leaving a wall lamp by the door. Maybe it's because my dad who loves me most is around me, maybe it's because I'm really tired, maybe it's because the drip of liquid medicine works, and when I close my eyes for a while, I really fall asleep. Because I went to bed early, I got up early. My father asked the driver to pick us up. When I got home, my mother was waiting there. Yang Yang was also waiting for me in the living room. I was a little embarrassed. I wanted to take them to several scenic spots nearby today. Although it snowed, the scenery in the north was the most touching thing to stick with the snow. Now I am like this. It is absolutely impossible for my parents to let me go out. , ,) Heartache, always the dearest person 91 As soon as I said this, Chen Xiaojia immediately fell out and pulled my face hard. I thought later that if I couldn't let the three of them come for nothing, I would let Shen Zijia help to entertain them. As soon as I thought of Fang Jin, my chest was suffocated. As a result, when I said this, Chen Xiaojia immediately fell out and pulled my face hard. I later thought that if I couldn't let the three of them come for nothing, I would let Shen Zijia help entertain them. Fang Jin. At the thought of Fang Jin, my chest was suffocated for a while. As a result, Liang Xiao came in. My house was not big, but it was still crowded with four more people. Yang Yang went out and left me with Liang Xiao. Last night, I hung up the drips all night. Now I was energetic, but I was forced to press by my mother. Rolling,aluminium laminated tube, I couldn't beat the old lady. She could only shrink into bed and put Lin Daiyu in it. , But as soon as I saw Liang Xiao, I couldn't help it. I pulled Liang Xiao and hugged him mercilessly. Liang Xiao, if he is not good, we will break up. I will find a good man for you. He will definitely be worth hundreds of millions of yuan in the future. He will hurt you deeply! I pick those who have become the industry leader after a number of years, the Chinese myth of the people to Liang Xiao, I do not believe that none of them can not compare with the other Fang Jin that ruffian! Liang Xiao was stunned, but gently hugged me back and smiled. I thought you were dizzy because of my anger. How could you faint? I was so scared that I couldn't sleep all night last night. I came to see you early in the morning. Stopped,metal cosmetic tubes, Liang Xiao generally did not want to avoid this problem, Fang Jin came out yesterday and told me not to play childish, the voice was a little stuffy, I heard very distressed, pulled Liang Xiao patted my pillow, two people curled up face to face. In fact, all men will be like Fang Jin, like a person, but in the face of fresh defeat, turn around will only blame the people around vexatious, if rational, I may not encourage Liang Xiao to talk about breaking up, but because it is Liang Xiao, emotional but simply can not be half rational. Such a man, his own conditions are too good, even if he does not want to be able to have successive women rushed up, not to mention now is what he wants, plastic packaging tube ,plastic packing tube, and Liang Xiao's one, quiet but brave, seems to be very contradictory, but in fact is calm, she can not do vexatious, also can not pretend to compromise, this may be just the beginning, after this? I can't see Liang Xiao get hurt! Liang Xiao saw my red face and hot ears, pinched my nose and smiled, obviously the corner of the eye curved into a curved moon, but the fundus is a little reluctant. Liang Xiao loves Fang Jin, this is an indisputable thing, just like me and Shen Zijia, all people think that they can hand in hand, one after another into the grave of a pair of people, now the situation is somewhat embarrassing. Year after year, good year after year, thank you. I twisted Liang Xiao's hand and began to abuse her. Thank you? Ten years of sisters are made for nothing? At this time to this kind of words, is not looking for smoke? Liang Xiao was laughed at by me, so he had to beg for mercy. Then he gasped and said, "Every year, you have to be willing to give up, isn't that right?"? I suddenly can not move, more do not know how to answer Liang Xiao, in fact, the answer is very simple, the first Chen Haoyi, even without this rebirth, we certainly can not go on, even if the wedding invitation has been sent, the new house has been decorated, the dress has been tried through, will also leave. However, Fang Jin is not Chen Haoyi after all. I know I'm starting to treat it differently again, but I still can't bear to go this far. After all, it's not a big mistake. I'm just kidding. Don't take it seriously. Liang Xiao said this clearly relaxed, I later realized that it was pretending, or simply after the free and easy, back to school that day, Liang Xiao broke up with Fang Jin. Many years ago, I had a vague worry that because of the breakup, we began to become estranged from each other, but in the end, no one could do anything about it. Liang Xiao has been accompanying me in the room, but after Yang Yang came over, he felt uncomfortable and left my house for a reason. I sent a text message to Shen Zijia and asked him to come over. I thought about it and let Shen Zijia accompany Yang Yang to go out to play, so I felt more at ease. Because there were many places to go, Shen Zijia found a driver to drive out. My mother and I were the only ones left at home. Thinking about Liang Xiao, I felt upset. Wrapped in my coat, I went downstairs. Because of my work, my mother took the time of the specialist clinic to serve me at home. At the moment, she was in the kitchen with ingredients to nourish my body. As soon as I went downstairs,pump tube, Jiajia clung to my feet and ran. Her soft body felt very comfortable. I grabbed a pillow and shrank to the sofa to watch TV. Jiajia jumped on the sofa on her own initiative. Most of her body pressed on my legs, and her hot stomach pressed against my instep. It was very warm. As soon as my mother heard something in the living room, she washed her hands and came out. She was angry when she saw me like this. Let you lie down. Why are you so disobedient.


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