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After Qing Dynasty Wears Xiaomeng: The Overbearing Fourth Master Chases with His Life

After Qing Dynasty Wears Xiaomeng: The Overbearing Fourth Master Chases with His Life

"I'm still in a small town. I'm staying in this inn. I seem to have been drinking in the morning. The bartender said he was asleep." "Then I ask you, have these foreigners ever said how to get rid of vampires?" Su Wanchun asked. They said, use the cross to nail the vampire on the line, the grass people naturally have not heard of what the cross is, but always feel that if we want to collect demons, we have a Taoist priest here, a piece of paper to solve the problem, which also need to nail. Patriarch Li didn't believe these foreigners, but most of the people in the town did. Do you charge? Yin Zhen asked. Collect the money. The villagers are collecting the money. Anyway, Patriarch Li won't take a cent. Su Wanchun smiled and said to Chief Lin, "Go and bring those foreigners here. If you dare to make trouble in the Qing Dynasty, you're looking for death!" "Yes." Chief Lin went out with his men. Patriarch Li sat on one side and waited, and with Wang Ye coming over, he was naturally relieved. After a while, the blonde foreigners were brought over. A total of three of them,stesweet stevia, after hearing the identity of Yin Zhen, a deep bow. Get on your knees! Su Peisheng scolded. The foreigners looked at each other, shook their heads, and said in broken Chinese, "We are foreigners, so we don't have to follow the rules of the Qing Dynasty." "When in Rome,carnosic acid price, do as the Romans do. When you come to the Qing Dynasty, you must abide by the rules of the Qing Dynasty!" Su Wanchun said coldly. The three foreigners still did not kneel. The leader of the dark guard could not bear to watch, and one of them kicked them to their knees. The three foreigners were afraid to see this posture, and naturally did not dare to say a word more. What evidence do you have that the two children are vampires? Su Wanchun asked. Their skin is red when they are exposed to the sun, and their bodies are all white, which is the characteristic of vampires. Said one of the foreigners. Su Wanchun nodded. "Have you ever seen a vampire?" "This.." The three of them were silent, apparently they had never seen each other. You haven't seen it, but you dare to come to our Qing Dynasty to cheat money. Who gave you the courage?! Yin Zhen is angry. Foreigners saw a tough stubble, and their sense of superiority disappeared in an instant. Li looked at them angrily and wanted to kick them to death! "Heresy deceives the public, deceives the people, simply deceives people too much, turmeric extract powder ,phycocyanin spirulina, takes it outside and cuts it down directly." Anyway, if you are not from your own country, you will not feel bad if you cut it down. Su Wanchun does not object, people like this let them live, go to other places in the future will continue to confuse the people. You can't kill us. We're not from your country! Yin Zhen looked at them and asked, "How many of you come here at a time?" It's not a spy from a foreign country, is it? On the one hand, we surveyed the military situation of the Qing Dynasty, and on the other hand, we fanned the flames among the people. Such people would rather be killed by mistake than let go. No, just a few of us. One of the foreigners is very honest. The other two men looked at him and wanted to slap their companions. Regardless of whether what they said was true or not, Yin Zhen sent Chief Lin to take three foreigners to the square in the middle of the town to tell their crimes, and then cut them down directly in front of the people, so as to stop the rumors of vampires. Su Wanchun stood up: "We need to go to Li yuanwai's house to have a look." "All right, let's go." Yin Zhen wants to see not only the children, but also the dead villager. When the children saw that Su Wanchun was leaving, they said they would follow her. Su Wanchun and Yin Zhen had no choice but to take them to Li yuanwai's house. The villagers in the town were all gathered in the center of the town by Chief Li. Then he said to everyone, "The King of Yong County has just come over and found out about the vampire. These are all foreigners' fallacies to deceive the public. Their hearts can be punished!"! Tell me, how can we listen to a few foreigners about our country? "Wang Ye is here?" The villagers began to chatter. Wang Ye and Fu Jin are now going to Li yuanwai's house. They want to check it carefully. And the three dead villagers were really killed by wolves. You haven't seen it before. Don't believe some outsiders because of something that happened suddenly. Chief Li said. Patriarch, what about these three foreigners? The villagers must believe in Yin Zhen, who is a prince and knows a lot about nature. Wang Ye said, cut it directly, so as not to harm others. ” "Wang Yeh is right. Listen to Wang Yeh!" Good fellow, the common people's reason because of the arrival of Yin Zhen, instantly restored to the original. The foreigners' mouths were gagged and they shook their heads desperately. Chief Lin thought it was almost done, so he asked the people from the Ministry of Punishment to do it. Then the knife fell, and the three foreigners ended the scene. Yin Zhen and Su Wanchun arrived at the door of Li yuanwai's house, and all the villagers outside the door left. Su Peisheng went to knock at the door. After a while, a servant came out. "Who are you?" "The King of Yong County wants to see you, Li yuanwai." Su Peisheng said. Wang Ye? The servant was dumbfounded. It was the first time he had seen a prince in his life! "What are you doing in a daze? Why don't you lead the way?" Su Peisheng said. Yes, yes, inside, please. The servant also forgot to salute Yin Zhen and Su Wanchun, and took them all the way into the main courtyard with a giggle. Li yuanwai did not expect the prince of the capital to come, with the whole family kneeling in the yard to pay their respects to Yin Zhen and Su Wanchun. Yin Zhen called up and directly explained the purpose of his visit: "I heard that you brought back two white children, which brought panic to the villagers. The king came to check." "Wang Ye,lutein eye complex, don't listen to those three foreigners. They're just children!" Wang yuanwai said in fear. It's all right. The king cut down the three foreigners. "Wang Ye is wise." Wang yuanwai gratefully saluted again. If Wang Ye hadn't come over, he would have been unable to hold on. Chapter 373 albinism. Su Wanchun was very curious about the two children: "Li yuanwai, what is the relationship between the two children and you?" 。


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