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My cohabitation goddess.

Shu Yan's mother smiled and took the cosmetics and said to me, "You are a child. You are coming. What else can you buy?

Shu Yan's mother smiled and took the cosmetics and said to me, "You are a child. You are coming. What else can you buy? It is not allowed in the future. Do you know?" Although she blamed me, she could see that she was satisfied with my gift. I said with a smile: "Auntie is too polite, I do the younger generation of course to show some heart, otherwise my parents know can scold me not sensible!" " Referring to my parents, Shuyan's mother opened the conversation box: "What do your parents do?"? How are you now? "My parents are ordinary workers. They are in good health now. They are not happy if they don't work for a day!" "Well, a child born in an ordinary family is sensible and reliable. I married Mimi when I saw her father was honest and reliable. After that, I gave birth to such a precious girl. I didn't let her suffer any hardship. That's why I have developed a bad temper now. Xiaoyi should give her more in the future!" Shu Yan's mother looked at Shu Yan with a loving face and said. Mom, why do you always say something wrong about me in front of outsiders? When did I become tricky and domineering? But Feng Yi always bullies me! Shu Yan shook her mother's hand and said. I gave birth to you, and I don't know you! When have you ever been bullied? I think Xiaoyi is very honest. How can he bully you? Xiaoyi, if she bullies you in the future, you tell me and I'll take care of her! Shu Yan's mother hung up Shu Yan's nose and said. I didn't know what to say for a moment, so I just froze there. Xiaoyi, do people say you are the top student in this year's college entrance examination? "That's nice. You're in Mimi's class now, right?" Shu Yan's mother asked. Yes, the headmaster said that there was a new education model for me,wire nail machine manufacturers, so that I could major in four majors during my college years, and I could also be a graduate student directly, and I was comfortable for the time being. Mimi's class! It's so uncomfortable to call this Mimi. Shu Yan's mother nodded with satisfaction and said with a smile, "Xiaoyi is really awesome. Mimi is called up. It seems that you are developing very well. Did you kiss?" This can make the two of us a big red face, this is "the upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked", the daughter is very barbaric, when the mother is not a fuel-efficient lamp ah! I didn't expect my mother to ask her daughter's boyfriend such a question. Shu Yan quit immediately and said in a charming voice,wire nail machine manufacturers, "Mom, how can you do this? I'm only 23!"! What a shame to ask? Shuyan's mother ignored Shuyan and asked me with a smile, "How old is Xiaoyi this year?" Shu Yan hurriedly gestured to me and raised two fingers, indicating that I was twenty years old. I am stupefied, do not want to be entangled with Shu Yan, if because of the age of the problem and let her mother do not agree, then I am relieved. Thinking of this, I pretended not to see Shu Yan's gesture and said honestly, "I am 18 years old this year, and I am almost 19!" Sure enough, after hearing my age, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine supplier, Shu Yan's mother immediately frowned, while Shu Yan glared at me and turned to look at her mother anxiously. I secretly laughed in the heart: I also promised you to see your mother, if she looked down on me that there is no way, it is not that I did not keep my promise! But then her mother's words made me laugh and cry. "It's a little young, but as long as you really like each other, Mimi's father and I won't object to you.". Now college students are allowed to get married, and your situation is different from that of ordinary college students. In two or three years, we will find a relationship to help you change your age and get married. Then I can have a grandson. I almost bit my tongue. Is that okay? This mother is fiercer than her daughter! Shu Yan was so anxious that she jumped up and said loudly, "Mom, what are you talking about?"? Still get married and have children, thank you for thinking of it! It's absolutely impossible for me to give him a baby! Shit, is it possible for me? I thought bitterly in my heart. Shu Yan's mother said unhurriedly, "a woman is supposed to be a mother. After you came out of school, I was looking forward to having a grandson. Fortunately, you were used to being wild outside, and you couldn't have a serious boyfriend.". If I ask you to go on a blind date, you will not do it even if you say it is rustic. Now it's not easy for someone to take it. Of course I'm worried. Your fifth aunt's daughter and child will leave. You're not in a hurry! "Mom, she's 25. Of course she should have a baby. I'm only 23!" Shu Yan rolled her eyes and said. Didn't she get married at 23? Didn't your mother and I marry your father at 22? I've seen the man she's looking for. He looks very good, but I know it's an embroidered pillow at a glance. I think Xiaoyi is much better than him. In addition, my Mimi is so beautiful. The child she gave birth to must be more beautiful than their child. As soon as I saw your fifth aunt holding a child in front of my eyes, I was angry, and when the time came, I must beat them! Shu Yan's mother said with a look of course. I listened to sweat, my heart is really not good ah! Like, lively life! Fifty-five, *** with a condom. "Mom." Shu Yan was ashamed and cried out. Okay, your mother, I'm not deaf! I just want to have a grandson. Xiaoyi, when can we meet your parents? Shu Yan's mother said happily. Auntie, I'll ask my parents to come to BJ when I have a chance. I quickly made a blank check. I know at a glance that Xiaoyi is an honest child. This is your home in the future. If you are not used to eating at school, come here and ask Xiaocui to cook some sh dishes for you! "Thank you, Auntie, I know!" I nodded and smiled at the two of them, and Shu Yan gave me a hard look. While I was talking to Shu Yan's mother, Shu Lao and Shu Yan's father went downstairs together. Shuyan's father, holding the picture I had just drawn of the tiger descending the mountain, hurried up to me and asked in disbelief, "Did you draw this?" Seeing his eager face,Nail Making Machine price, I couldn't figure out why I looked at him blankly and nodded. Auntie asked unhappily, "What's so scary? Don't frighten Xiaoyi!" Dizzy, does my courage seem not to be so small.


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