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Holy Sword and Magic Knife

A long journey! Shih Ming-feng saw that this piece of red paper on the mud wall was still new, and he expected that Mo Ba would stretch out his hand on the beam and pass through the town of Ludian, where he had not posted much.

A long journey! Shih Ming-feng saw that this piece of red paper on the mud wall was still new, and he expected that Mo Ba would stretch out his hand on the beam and pass through the town of Ludian, where he had not posted much. For a long time, perhaps he knew about the place of the Imperial Temple in Qingshuping and decided on the meeting place before leaving! Shih Ming-feng unexpectedly made this discovery. He was on his way to Qingshuping at night. When he passed the town market, he was very happy. Such red paper is often seen in streets and alleys. The places he passed along the way were all densely populated places. He was afraid of shocking the world and dared not perform flying skills. He walked on foot. It was dusk on the third day when we arrived at Qingshuping! When Shih Ming-feng was asked by the local villagers, he only knew that the Guandi Temple was located outside the town of Chingshuping, and that it was an ancient temple without cigarettes. Temple, he went to the ancient temple to look around, but it was covered with vines, overgrown with weeds, a desolate, half a figure can not see. To. Shi Mingfeng secretly felt suspicious, and he was so suspicious that he thought of stretching out his hand on the beam that he might get things done. Wrong! As the night deepened, he turned to look at the ancient temple and said to himself, "Back to the town of Qingshuping?" It's a long way to walk, and tonight I'll make do with a night in the Guandi Temple! Shih Ming-feng walked into the temple, cleaned up the dust in a corner of the main hall, and sat down on the ground. Suddenly! "Shell! Shell!" A sound of footsteps, gradually approaching the front of the temple! As soon as Shi Mingfeng heard the footsteps, it seemed that there was more than one person. Surprised, he stood up and moved forward. A secluded corner of the hall! He looked out of his hiding place and saw that the man who pushed the door and came in was a tall, middle-aged man in a strong suit. Follow the tail and stretch out your hand on the beam, Mo Ba! When Shi Mingfeng found Mo Ba at a glance,collapsible bulk containers, he was about to appear to greet him! "Sit down in the main hall," said Mo Ba coldly from the beam, holding out his hand. The big bruiser looked straight into his eyes, and when Mo Ba said this, he said like a puppet, "Poof!" Fall and sit on the ground Go. Shi Mingfeng was amazed and secretly said, "What's going on?"? I broke up with Brother Mo these days. He has learned the evil method of the heretical door again, and is playing tricks on this Wusheng! He wanted to show up to greet Mo Ba,plastic pallet manufacturer, but when he saw his complicated and confusing behavior, he was secretly surprised. Sex is hiding in a hidden place to watch the movement! The beam stretched out its hand and Mo Ba looked into the hall. "Bring me that stone tripod," he said coldly. The big fellow looked straight at no performance, listen to Mo eight said, such as serving the purpose, stood up and held the only enough number. The stone tripod weighing a hundred catties was put down with him! On the beam, he stretched out his hand and lifted the corner of his long gown, untied his trousers, "swished" a bubble of urine, and said coldly: "Pour the urine in the stone tripod outside the temple gate." The big fellow picked up the stone tripod in both hands, walked obediently outside the temple gate, poured the urine and held it back, and gently put it down. Temple, stand up straight in front of Mo Ba! "Go to sleep," Mo Ba answered coldly. The big fellow listens to Mo Ba to say, "Gu Zhong!" Fall to the ground and sleep! Shih Ming-feng, drum spill pallet ,secondary containment pallet, who was hiding in a secluded place, did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Brother Mo loves to play tricks on people," he said to himself. The party to find such an evil way, put the big fellow of the strong suit, make obedient paste paste. ” At this time, I saw the beam stretched out his hand and stared at the big fellow who was sleeping on the ground like a corpse, and said to himself: "You are a fellow who harms others and yourself. You want to plot against me. It's your turn to suffer!" Shi Mingfeng listens to doubt unceasingly, secret way: "This'living dead 'like big fellow, how can plot against Mo?" Where's Big Brother? Shih Ming-feng hid himself in the main hall, and when he saw his hand stretched out on the beam to stop the mystery, he was puzzled and couldn't help swimming "What's the matter with you, Brother Mo?" He shouted. Reaching out his hand on the beam, Mo Ba caught a glimpse of his figure shooting out from a dark corner. Suddenly, he was shocked, and when he found out that it was Shi. At Mingfeng, with a smile all over his face, he said, "Brother, it's you. I know where you are. If you are in central Hunan, If you see the red note, you will find it. I don't expect it! Shi Mingfeng frowned and pointed to the big fellow sleeping on the ground. "Brother Mo, what's going on?" He asked in surprise. Things? The beam stretched out its hand and Mo Ba smiled conceitedly and said, "The carpenter made the coffin and let him sleep by himself. This boy deserves it." He wanted to make an attempt on your brother Mo, but he brought it on himself. Shi Mingfeng listened at a loss. "When I came to Qingshuping," said Wei Yi, "I met this guy in the small town in front of me. I've never met him before. How could this boy Like meeting Grandpa, he felt like old friends at first sight and took me to the hotel. When Shi Mingfeng heard this, he was secretly amazed and said to himself, "It's only a strange person like you, Brother Mo, who would encounter such a strange thing!" The beam stretched out its hand and Mo Ba stared at the big fellow who was sleeping on the ground. Then he said, "It's a saw. You come and I go." The two brothers eat and drink together with a big piece of meat and a big mouthful of wine. They should be able to climb up the friendship of points. He invited me into the hotel, ordered a lot of wine, and invited me to eat and drink with a lot of smiling faces. I always thought about it. I feel something is wrong. Shi Mingfeng listened in a trance and looked at him! The beam stretched out its hand and Mo Ba grinned. "Sure enough," he said. He took the flagon and poured me wine. At that time, I deliberately moved my elbow and knocked my chopsticks to the ground, pretending to add wine for myself without knowing it! I see secretly murmur, what is this boy doing? When I bent down to pick up chopsticks on the ground, secretly A sidelong glance! Shi Mingfeng suddenly thought of it and said, "Brother Mo, did he tamper with your wine glass?" Mo Ba shook his head and said, "Brother, you guessed wrong." "He gave me his glass and took my glass of wine. How quick he was!" "What does that mean?" Asked Shi Mingfeng in surprise. "You don't know, brother," said Mo Ba on the beam with a smile! This is a swindle in the underworld. Day of technique, he first in his own glass under the hands and feet, as long as a moment, he can change the two glasses. Come here "Brother Mo," said Shi Mingfeng in astonishment, "have you drunk this cup of wine?" Mo Ba smiled and said, "After I picked up the chopsticks,collapsible pallet box, I deliberately stared as if something had happened without blinking." I looked behind him at the entrance of the hotel. Hee hee, this boy was taken in by me. Seeing that I looked surprised, he turned around and looked at the door of the shop.


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