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You Will Never Change the World. It Has Always Been Evil

This is an opinion on the many atrocities facing our world, especially Africa, even though we are a religious society.

 You Will Never Change The World. It Has Always Been Evil


 You probably have had the conviction to change “things” because you like it when things are done in a transparent manner. Evil detests you. It makes you feel so bad that to an extent that you get annoyed and ready to “harm” whoever is responsible for it. In a hospital, you see people struggling to hold on to life, calling for assistance from the clinicians, and the nurses, but nobody cares. You have heard of the phrase, “he/she won’t be the first one to die. We have seen worse cases,” and this made you so mad.  

You have seen people who deserved something being shortchanged in spite of them meeting the set criteria. Recently in Kericho county, when names for nominated legislators were submitted, the person who was nominated for the member of the county assembly under the category of people living with disabilities, had no disability at all. Those who deserved the position were left languishing in the village despite their active participation in local, and national politics. One guy on Twitter raised the issue, and in resonance with his message, other like-minded Kenyans joined in calling for fairness. It all fell on deaf ears.

You probably have heard, and seen people being killed as a result of reckless driving, drunk driving, and a speedy motor vehicle, belonging to a politician hitting a pedestrian off the road and going on with their journey as if nothing happened.

You probably have seen or heard in the news that people are threatened if they do not vote for some political factions. They are asked to leave where they have always considered as home, by the people they have lived as neighbors, and schooled with, and probably, they married their sisters.

You have seen politicians killing innocent people because they do not support them, or because they are not willing to engage in acts that would subvert the will of the people. They kill without considering the fact these are breadwinners, and someone calls them dad, mom, son, or daughter. You probably have seen in the news police officers engaging in brutal killings as people demonstrate, with their actions not sparing even the young children.

Maybe you have seen how the world sometimes is ruthless, when Palestine’s dying, the unfortunate events in Russia, and Ukraine give you goosebumps, and the racial killings in many other countries make you wanna change the situation in the world. How about the struggles the young girls in Saudi Arabia and other Asian countries go through as they seek to better their lives and get their families out of the murky waters of poverty?

There are many of us who get detested by such acts but come to think of it, this world is evil! It has always been evil. Corruption has brought nations down, especially in Africa, yet we uphold religion and regard it with high esteem.  Why are these bad things happening to us? Why do we have leaders who misappropriate monies meant for the construction of dams to help the people, whereas others misappropriate funds meant for the construction, and equipping of hospitals? Why are people so evil? The answer is simple. People are not evil. The world is evil, you will never change it. It has always been. In your capacity, do good, without inviting the cameramen.

Sheldon Yegon

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