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Flame uniform

"When I was in prison, I knew a cellmate." Chen Pei said, "You don't have to bother to check. This man had a stroke in prison. It's gone." Gong Yingxian held the pen in his hand and said, "Name."

"When I was in prison, I knew a cellmate." Chen Pei said, "You don't have to bother to check. This man had a stroke in prison. It's gone." Gong Yingxian held the pen in his hand and said, "Name." "Liu Dayong, a gas guzzler, cut down the truck driver and went in." Chen Pei puffed out smoke rings. "We have a good relationship in the same cell. He told me one thing when he was bragging before.". In his early years, he and his brother stole oil from the tanks of long-distance trucks at expressway gas stations. "What range does he usually commit crimes?" "In the surrounding cities, they pick the kind of remote, less crowded gas stations." Chen Pei continued, "One day, they were lurking at the gas station, waiting for the driver of the night road to come here to rest. At about three or four o'clock, a car came to refuel.". It was a black car, which looked very expensive at that time. "Do you remember what car it was and what license plate it was?" He didn't know the car and didn't pay attention to the license plate. Anyway, in the middle of the night, there are very few luxury cars going to that kind of remote place to refuel. It's normal for the man to drive away after refueling. The crowd listened intently, feeling that the next point was the point. But after a while, the car came back and refueled again. "How long is the interval?" "About half an hour, half an hour, it is impossible that the oil ran out, but the man came back to refuel.". After refueling,304 Stainless Steel Coil, he drove the car to one side to go to the toilet, then threw a big box into the trash can before driving away. Hearing this, several people were still confused. At that time, everyone was poor. Liu Dayong thought that the man was rich, so he wanted to see what he had thrown, so he went to the trash can. A pastry box was turned out, and when it was opened,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, it contained food packaging bags, beverage cans, bills, maps, waste paper and other debris, which were actually garbage, but all of them were neatly placed in the box, just like gifts. Chen Peidao, "On a few pieces of waste paper, there are some paintings with red paint pens. The paintings are also very strange. Almost all of them are regular shapes, round, square, triangular, slightly complex patterns are also regular and symmetrical. There are also some lines. The lines are regular, the straight lines are straight, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, and the wavy lines are almost the same in the radian and spacing of each fluctuation.". On one of the pieces of paper, a completely symmetrical bird mask was drawn. Gong Yingxian's breathing began to become heavy. Chen Peizhi flicked the ash to the ground: "Liu Dayong thought it was useless, so he threw it away at that time. Although the man was very strange, he didn't take it to heart.". And the next day, your family was on the news. Gong Yingxian's lips trembled slightly. "How do you know me?" Don't worry, just hear me out. Your home is not far from where Liu Dayong lived at that time. When many people heard about it, they went to watch the fun. The scene has been sealed off, but things are being cleaned out one after another, including a plastic bucket. It is the most common white plastic bucket, which has all kinds of capacities. Liu Dayong also used it when stealing oil. The plastic bucket has been burned to a small half. There is a wavy scale line with red paint strokes on the bucket, which is exactly the same as the wavy line on the waste paper. Qiu Yan frowned and said, "Then why didn't he report the case?" Chen Peile: "Report to the police?"? How to report it? Comrade policeman, when I went to steal oil in the middle of the night, I found a man who was not right? Liu Dayong said it when he was bragging and farting. Even if he thought there was a problem, why did he ask for trouble? It doesn't matter to him. “…… Then what Gong Yingxian said in a deep voice. The prison is full of braggarts. It's much more mysterious than that. I'll listen to it as a story and forget it. Chen Peidao, "Then I came out and looked for work everywhere. Somehow, the red flame contacted me. You all know what happened later." "You still haven't said. How did you know me? And why did you say the bird mask?" Chen Pei finished the last puff of his cigarette: "I finished the fire of 2209 and knew that something big had happened. I felt that the red flame had given me tens of thousands of yuan and lost money.". He said he would buy me a video afterwards. I waited for him to contact me. He did contact me. I asked him for 200,000 yuan. He said yes, but he wanted me to do one more thing. He gave me 400,000 yuan. Ren Yi's heart tightened: "Is the target us?" Chen Pei nodded and looked at Gong Yingxian: "He also said that if I could broadcast live, my income would be higher. He gave me a copy of your information, and I knew your surname was Gong. You were the child of that family. I immediately remembered what Zhao Dayong told me." Ren Yi felt his scalp tingling. At that time, Hong Yan already wanted to deal with them, but he didn't find the right person. He gritted his teeth and said, "Then, how do you know that person is in their organization?" "I asked, I read the information, asked him directly, when this family was on fire, you did it?" Qiu Yan's voice also lost his cool and asked sharply, "How did he answer?!" "He said, 'You don't need to know about this problem,' which is even more suspicious," said Chen Pei. Gong Yingxian lowered his head and tried to suppress the hostility in his chest. Later, your search became more and more intense, and I just wanted to run. I asked Hongyan for money and threatened him. I knew who did the case. I pretended to mention a few points, such as the black car, the paint bucket with the scale line, and the bird mask. When it came to the bird mask, he reacted and said he wanted to meet with me. "So you actually only know what Zhao Dayong said." "Yes, it seems that the bird mask is very important, so when you catch me, I will also use this to blow you up." Chapter 77 Gong Yingxian breathed a sigh of relief, frowned, and said nothing for a long time. It turned out that Chen Pei had only heard some false and true information from others. He was a little disappointed, but this was also expected. Chen Pei was just a child at that time,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, and it was impossible to have any direct connection with the case. In any case, something is better than nothing. But these clues have been dust-laden for 18 years, and it may not be possible to find them by sweeping away the earth layer by layer like digging fossils.

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