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There are 3 dimensions to every Woman and you must not fail in any of them;

The Heart of a Wife.

The Heart of a Mother.

The Heart of a Minister.

If you fail in any of these dimensions then you have failed in your destiny.

There is the dimension of every woman as a wife, it describes the scope of your ministry to your husband and your husband alone, not men, there is the Heart of a mother defines the jurisdiction of your ministry to both your children, both spiritually physically and the people that God will connect you with and there is the Heart of a Minister, defines the scope of your assignment and that which you have been sent to do. You can be an effective minister and a bad wife.

The Bible says in Proverbs 18:22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.He didn't say finding the woman makes her a wife, you must be a wife first to be found. The word wife, wife is a quality and not a personality, it is not marriage that makes a woman a wife, he that finds a woman who is already a wife has found a good thing, many men found women, but they didn't find good things, can I talk to you please.

The average ladies concept of relationship right now is that I am beautiful and a young man will just come an carry me, keeps spending money on me, buy things for me, you know where we learnt it, our Nigerian films, i don't insult our media body but that's it, they show it there, the guy is always kneeling down and crawling and running to the lady and her concept of marriage is entering rest and joy, and you look at lady who will see a small child fall down or pupu and she's ashamed, this is a Lady who wants to be a mother, she cannot even pick up that child, don't worry I'm your friend, when I flog you we'll reconcile, I love you too much to leave your destiny the way it is.

There are many of us right now, the concept that we have about marriage is very troubling, disturbing and it's very interesting, but God needs to help us, hallelujah. Anything you are not taught you will not excel in, many people guess how motherhood should be, they guess how womanhood should be, but I want to challenge all the ladies here, make quality investments in your life, they are tape, they are books, they are so many things, many of us ideally from scripture, our parent have supposed to have taught and mentored us unfortunately, and I say this with all due respect, but it is true that unfortunately the generation before us in many ways have failed our generation, is that true, and so we are standing in between a generation that is in error and a generation that is yet unborn, and we must be able to pass through the pain for the sake of the generation that is unborn.

There are many virtues that we grew up knowing that had been thrown out of the church today, a lady can be sitting right now, and some men will come and she's still balancing and when they share food in church, they finish eating, the plates are there and she's gisting among guys among guys and just laughing around, instead of her to get up and pack the plates and one brother that has been praying and say lord speak to me, when he sees that lack of manner he says no way, he's plotting he's graph and he's saying 20 years with this kind of life, I am not prepared.

Sisters say after me, in the name of Jesus, I'm a woman of excellence, in the name of Jesus, I'm a woman of virtue, I'm a woman of grace, I'm a woman of power, I'm a blessing to my husband, to my children, they will call me blessed for the hand of the Lord is upon me. Amen.

Everlyne Onami

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