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Discussed are various tips for work life balance in a woman

The shunamite woman was a balanced woman. She knew when to ask her husband for something and when to take charge. A balanced woman is a woman of faith. No matter the circumstance, don’t allow anything bring you down or change your resolve. Too many women hide behind submission when it is convenient. The shunamite woman did not rest or change her confession until she brought her child back to life.

There’s time to be a baby girl and time to be a warrior. A balanced woman understands both. Know when to be strong and when to be gentle.

Tips for Work-Life Balance

1. Pray: Trust in the Lord and not on your understanding. God will show you the best pathway for your life.

2. Prioritize: you can’t really juggle all the balls. Some balls are made of glass and some are rubber balls. You have to know which one can fall. Know which things are important.

3. Plan: use planning apps. Have alarms. You’ll be amazed how your life will be organized.

4. Prepare: prepare for the life you want to have. With a higher role, comes more responsibilities.

5. People: there’s power in relationships. You need strong supports systems. Female relationships are so powerful.

6. Pay: don’t feel guilty about spending the money you’re earning. Use your money to save your life, time, and energy.

7. Play: if you want to have a balanced life, play. Enjoy yourself. Travel. Sleep. Too many women are broken, frustrated, and tired because they will not rest.

Everlyne Onami

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