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Veteran artist Anthony Andenyi 'Khabilutsi' praised

Veteran artist Anthony Andenyi Susu


Veteran artist Anthony Andenyi 'Khabilutsi' praised. Mzee Andenyi was ostensibly one of the top overlooked yet truly great individuals of music from Western Kenya.

The 92-year-old Mzee Susu (additionally prevalently known as Khabilutsi Wotana) is in the class of trailblazer Kenyan performers who during the 1950s recorded music close by others like the unbelievable guitarist and artist George Mukabi of Sengula and Mtoto si Nguo popularity. Prominently, Mukabi is rumored for having been among the defenders of the Omutibo dance beat from Western Kenya.

Likewise recording close by Mzee Khabilutsi was John Mwale of Kenyatta Aliteswa Sana melody distinction.Obscure to numerous music fans, it was Mzee Khabilutsi who was among the main Kenyans to figure out how to play the guitar when it was presented in Kenya. It was John Oluchina (otherwise known as John Magita) from Ebusiratsi Ematsuli in Vihiga Area who in 1945 was at the very front of empowering guitarists from that locale.

The greater part of the notable customary Luhya instruments like Litungu, Esikuti, Olukhutse and Imboroma were among those Khabilutsi played a main job in their utilization.

Osore was among those in the very front of looking for post mortem acknowledgment by those in power of a portion of Khabilutsi's melodic works.

It was he who made the devoted melody known as Kenya Nchi Yetu Tunaipenda Sana. As per Osore, Khabilutsi guaranteed that the public authority never repaid him notwithstanding the melody having been utilized in many past state capabilities.

Khabilutsi began his music profession not long after WWII in 1947. As per Osore, Khabilutsi claimed his most memorable guitar in the wake of being gifted by an European pilgrim called Jim Konder in 1950.

In 1953, Khabilutsi did his most memorable recording with then African Gramophone Stores (AGS) and because of imperialism, he was simply ready to procure Sh45.

Notwithstanding, Khabilutsi's advancement was in 1955, when he framed the well known Bunyore band close by Willy Omwana wa Leah.

This was likewise the time Khabilutsi recorded his most memorable collection Khutiichekhuluchendo additionally in 1955. Other driving artists from Western Kenya he worked with incorporate Reuben Imbiakha (from Kabras).

He collaborated with Laurence Sifuna from Mihanya much in 1977 to do the melody Epucha Yachila Omusiani Yera Samwana. Khabilutsi

is expected to be let go next Saturday at his home in Eb'bayo Esiembero, Emuhaya Supporters, Vihiga District. Scores of nearby craftsmen from Western Kenya and past are normal at the entombment function.

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