Palscity TV hosts subject by subject, Interest by Interest, Profession by Profession shows laced with mentors, networks, and sharing of members stories from the Palscity Tables. Email to feature your shows and conversations/episodes.

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Palscity Members Forum - 4th June 2021, 10:00 am-12:00 pm EAT

Palscity Members Forum - 13th April 2021, 8:00 pm-9:00 pm EAT


Show Schedules:


  1. Education & Career (10am-11am)

  2. Youth & Empowerment (8pm-9pm)


   1. Agriculture & Food Security (10am-11am)

  2. Climate & Environment (8pm-9pm)  


   1. Health, Food & Fitness (10am-11am)

   2. Women & Girls Empowerment (8pm-9pm)


  1. Marketplace (10am-11am)

  2. Entrepreneurship & Business (8pm-9pm)


   1. Leadership, Governance & Politics (10am-11am)

   2. Beauty, Leisure & Entertainment (8pm-9pm)


   1. Art, Talent & Sports (10am-11am)

   2. Infrastructure, Building & Construction (8pm-9pm) 


   1. Family, Kids & Spirituality (10am-11pm)

   2.Technology, Science & Future (8pm-9pm)  


About PalscityTV, How we Broadcast & Benefits

Due the wide reach on Digital and the numbers we have in Palscity, we believe that Digital TV is the way to go. We broadcast via PalscityTV, Youtube, Facebook, Zoom, Twitter.

You are passionate about any of the topics above? Do you run a show and is struggling to get more reach? are you an upcoming presenter and would like to use this platform to grow yourself? Would you like to host a show with your own Topic? Do you want to Advertise and Market in any of the show?

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We officially get on air on Saturday 1st May.

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