Joe Biden reportedly has told Benjamin Netanyahu that he expects “significant de-escalation today” of the conflict between Israel and its Palestinian attackers. A White House spokesperson stated:

[Biden] wants this to be de-escalated. He wants this to be a sustainable calm. This is what we have been calling for, for the past eight days, and this is what we’re continuing to do.

Does Biden really expect Israel to “de-escalate” while Hamas rockets continue to bombard its farms, suburbs, and cities? Or is his statement for show — an attempt to appease the increasingly strong anti-Israel faction of the Democratic Party?

With Biden, the question is tough to answer and, perhaps, meaningless. This president has no true beliefs about policy. His shifting stances on position after position tell us so.

Maybe the key word in Biden’s “expectation” is “today.” Israel can probably afford to de-escalate for a day while Biden and others seek a cease fire. But if these efforts fail today, as seems likely if not certain, Israel will have to return to its current strategy of bombing Hamas targets until the terrorists’ rocket fire ceases. Israel might even have to up the ante.

Based on what we hear from my wife’s family in Israel, some of whom are very much on the left, Israelis are firmly behind Netanyahu’s efforts to bomb Hamas into temporary submission. These are the voices that matter to Netanyahu.

Biden can (and will) say whatever he finds it convenient to say in the moment. The dogs bark but the caravan moves on.