Police officers were called to pick the lifeless body, as usual they had to take the report. At the man's house, was his wife sitted like nothing has happened, she was asked to tell the officers anything she knew...'Alikuja kwa nyumba kama amelewa, akavaa nguo za FC Leo na akaniambia anaenda shule kuongea na watoto juu hawatampata...akaenda shule na akarudi. Aliingia kwa nyumba akaniambia anaenda rooftop (8th for) kujirusha, nikamwambia sawa kajiue. Dakika kidogo nikasikia kelele hapo nje' mama narrated!
Na hivo ndivyo kijana ameenda! sad...
Of course life is not easy, but there are people who. truly love you...your siblings, parents and your children!
In any decision you make, Always remember people who love you and people you love the most, if your marriage is not working, divorce! killing yourself will not sort any mess!
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