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June 3
A Rich Pastor bought a new car and decided to give it to one of his church members, he never had anybody in mind but he promised to give it to anyone with a strong faith.
During the church vigil that very day around 11pm, he stood up and said, "If you know that you can buy me a car tomorrow, please stand on your feet" nobody stood up, he added again, "if you know that God can use you to buy me a car tomorrow please stand to your feet", still nobody stood up. He said it for the third time and a poor man stood up, he ordered the man to come out to the pulpit, he came out and the pastor handed a car key to him and said....."Because you believed that the Almighty God can use you to buy a car for me tomorrow, tonight God have given you a new car." The poor man did not even have a any money in his bank account but he believed God can use him to buy a car for the pastor. And that was how he owned a brown new car that night. . . I want to pray for somebody reading this story, only if you will believe me and type Amen, you see that special thing that you have been asking from God, i give you seven days from today, People will gather to celebrate your testimony because God have remembered you and he will grant you that your heart desire.
AMEN If you believe.

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